TGIM! Totally Serialised at the Institut Français

If last night’s episode of Sherlock is anything to by (and it’s everything to go by), this Television we’ve heard so much about is on the up. That might sound like bad news for those poor mites stuck with the word “film” in their URL, but to heck with it! We’re all about celebrating excellent storytelling, and what with The Killing, This Is England, Mad Men, The Wire and many more shows besides demonstrating just how powerful a serialised tale can be, it’s time to GET ONBOARD.

From the 19th-22nd January, the Institut Français will hold its first ever French and British TV Series Festival. TV fanatics, enthusiasts and newcomers will be able to discover the cream of French and British TV series with the most amazing actors, screenwriters and directors in attendance. Highlights include an all-night Misfits Marathon with the cast, a screening of This Is England 88 and the UK premiere of the high-acclaimed show The Borgias – a series based on the infamous Borgias family’s rise to power in the Catholic church during the Renaissance. There’ll be panel discussions, Q&As, screenings, interviews and more brilliant TV than you can shake a defunct AV remote control at.

You can book individual events, so if you’re not too keen on your French 18th century revenge dramas (you freak) you can pick and choose from what’s on offer. The prices range from FREE FREE FREE to around a tenner, so it’s not going to break the bank. Learn more about Totally Serialised here. Come on, what else are you going to do this week? TGIM!

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