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  • TGIM! You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

    Are you tired of long, cold, wintry nights with nothing to do? Are you thinking that it’s about time somebody appreciated your extensive and totally useless knowledge concerning Spaghetti Westerns of the 1970s? Then you, my friend, are going to love the iconic pub-film-quiz, You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat. YGNABB, as we like to call it, has been running since 2003, and tomorrow sees their annual Review of the Year quiz hit the Hackney Picturehouse like an H.G. Wells invasion. Look, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your movie trivia surrounded by friends and drinks! Not that you don’t do that already, you cheeky monkey…

  • TGIM! Hot Tub Cinema

    Kicking off their winter season this week, Hot Tub Cinema is back with a vengeance. Keeping Londoners warm and wet whilst screening classics old and new for our fleshy pleasure, Hot Tub Cinema stands alongside old favourites like Nomad and Secret Cinema as one of the capital’s foremost innovations of unusual nights at the pictures. What could be more enjoyable than spending the evening with your bits submerged in the close proximity of strangers? NOTHING. But is the idea simply too good to be true?

  • TGIM! Swedenborg International Short Film Festival 2012

    This Friday sees the welcome return of one of London’s most esoteric and intriguing short film festivals, with the Swedenborg Society hosting its third competition. Taking place at the Grade II listed Swedenborg House, the annual evening of short films sees a reliably experimental mix centered around themes of interest common to the Society’s figurehead and inspiration, Emanuel Swedenborg.

  • TGIM! The Irish Film Festival London 2012

    It may only be the second iteration of the Irish Film Festival London, but despite its brief history the festival is already turning heads. Featuring some rather interesting pieces, this festival showcases some of the most well-received Irish films from the last year. Irish film-making is very much alive and present. The festival commences this Wednesday, 21st November 2012. Here are some of the highlights

  • TGIM! The 16th UK Jewish Film Festival (is in full swing already)

    It’s November, so that means the UK Jewish Film Festival is on. Over 18 days, 5 cities and 19 venues, the festival shows why Jewish cinema has been so important to film making over the past century, and why it continues to influence and inspire. This years highlights include cross dressing, an Israeli-Palestinian bromance and Nazis. Join us as we choose a few of the highlights from the rest of the festival.

  • TGIM! The London Korean Film Festival 2012

    London’s seventh annual Korean Film Festival is in full swing! Running until November 11th, it’s a rare showcase of popular Korean filmmaking, offering an insight into a culture as in love with pop music, fashion and Hollywood as our own. Bringing over the cream of a remarkably strong national cinema, the KFF continues to expose audiences to a fascinating dichotomy of the alien and familiar, as all the tried and true tropes of genre cinema are played out in a foreign language.

  • TGIM! Film Africa 2012

    Building on last year’s success, Film Africa is back in London with another goldmine of shorts, documentaries and features that showcase the cinematic identity of a continent largely unseen on an international stage. With some 70 films in town, there’s every reason to take a trip to some of the more unlikely destinations of world cinema.

  • TGIM! The London International Animation Festival

    Spread out over 11 days in multiple venues, with 300 animations from over 30 countries, the LIAF prove that cartoons aren’t just for kids. Featuring documentaries, workshops and stop-motion mindfucks from the jovial to the disturbed, this year’s festival has something for just about everyone.

  • TGIM! Play Poland Film Festival

    Hey BFI London Film Festival! Stop being selfish and hogging all the patrons, the Play Poland Film Festival has just touched down in London and it wants to get in on the action! Running for four nights the Play Poland Film Festival has a whole bunch of Polish short films and animations for you to watch, the majority of which have debuted at international film festivals to much critical acclaim. We know it’s not fair to bring this to your attention right in the middle of the BFI London Film Festival but we’re sure once you see what’s on offer, you’ll find a way to accommodate both. Thank God It’s Monday!

  • TGIM! BFI London Film Festival

    The annual BFI London film festival has arrived to cheer away the doom and gloom of the coming months. Giving Londoners the opportunity to get a look at films they might not ordinarily get the chance to appreciate, the festival has an array of unique and exciting features on offer. We know we say this every week, but this is one experience you really will not want to miss.