The Top 10 Film Plots That Came True

From Gandhi, The King’s Speech and Evita, it seems as if the world is full of films which imitate real life. Frankly, we find them a tad dull. Instead, we’re going to examine the far more intriguing occurrence of life imitating film. What happens to life when film plots come true?



#10 – Mr and Mrs Smith
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get hot ‘n’ heavy

So Mr And Mrs Smith is about a bored (but impossibly hot) married couple, both of whom are assassins hired by competing agencies to kill each other. Awkward. Obviously, the entire plot has not come true; that would be unnecessarily strange. However, Brad WAS happily married to Jennifer Aniston at the time of filming whereas, nowadays, he’s seen toting tots around with octomum Angelina. Suspicious? Very. So what if they haven’t officially tied the knot yet? Brad and Angelina have, essentially, become the bored (but impossibly hot) married couple of Mr And Mrs Smith. Minus the weaponry. So far.


#9 – Fly Away Home
Geese follow microlight pilot ‘home’

Microlight pilot Christian Moullec hand-reared a brood of Barnacle Geese. Why? He probably has purely personal motivations rooted deep in his back-story. Whatever the reason, the goslings now see him as their mother and frequently follow him in flight. He flies on ahead, they V along happily behind. Sound familiar? OF COURSE IT DOES! Fly Away Home has almost the exact same plot, only with Canadian Geese. And Anna Paquin.


#8 – Notting Hill
Actress marries and is impregnated by nobody…

Ah, remember how, in Notting Hill, superstar actress Julia Roberts falls for the drastically ordinary Hugh Grant? We love Notting Hill. We truly do. There’s probably only one thing we love more than this British rom-com and that, my dears, is Kate “FIRE BRAVING HEROINE” Winslet. God, we love Winslet. Did you know that she’s a superstar actress who once fell for the drastically ordinary Jim Threapleton? Yeah, that’s right. Although this does suggest that, post-credits, Hugh and Julia went their separate ways in an ‘amicable and respectful’ separation. That’s a pretty depressing thought, actually. I might have to go and lie down for a moment…


#7 – Star Wars: VI – Return Of The Jedi
Evil Emperor meets his maker

In the third installment of the true Star Wars trilogy, Lucas fans witnessed the evil Emperor finally being overthrown and, indeed, killed. It was a very dramatic scene…

We imagine this is very similar to Kim Jong Il’s final moments. We have no real evidence pertaining to this but, nevertheless, it is a Best For Film fact. Do what you will with it.


#6 – Snakes On A Plane
Man GENUINELY attempts to smuggle deadly snakes onto a plane

Snakes On A Plane sought to bring Pteromerhanophobics and Ophidiophobics (oh yeah, us BFFers know our stuff!) together with the seemingly unlikely terrorist plot of snakes… well, of snakes ON a plane. Deadly snakes, mind. Snakes, a plane going down fast, that guy from Kenan And Kel (we forget which one) and plenty more mayhem. Not to mention Samuel “I Usually Die In Movies” L. Jackson and his crimes against POLITE language. It was the disaster movie to end all disaster movies, which is why we find it hard to believe that Karel Abelovsky thought it would be okay to smuggle boa constrictors, venomous coral snakes and poisonous vipers aboard in his suitcase. Don’t worry, he got caught long before anyone overreacted and, I dunno, shot out the plane’s window…


#5 – Day After Tomorrow
Did somebody say Global Warming?!

Okay, okay. We’re kidding. Sort of…


#4 – Minority Report
American police PREDICT crimes in airports

We’ve heard of predicting earthquakes, but predicting crime? Sure, it happened in Minority Report. Remember the SOLE POINT of Minority Report was to disprove the value of predictive policing? Yeah. Los Angeles chose to ignore that teeny-weeny detail and are, instead, now using predictive analytics to analyse data, such as the times and locations of past crimes, to forecast where and when certain crimes are likely to happen in the future. So police can stop them before they occur. Yup. It’s so completely sound a plan, right? SO COMPLETELY SOUND! Where the eff is irritatingly-tiny Tom Cruise when you need him?


#3 – Demolition Man
Schwarzenegger defies the odds. Again…

Remember how, in Demolition Man, the time-travelling cop hops into the future and discovers (to his HORROR) that Arnold Schwarzenegger was President of the United States of America? It was funny, right? We all laughed. Ho ho, we said, as if that would ever happen. AS IF IT WOULD EVER HAPPEN! Well, as unlikely as it may have seemed that the Terminator would ever hold a position in political office, he did manage to score the gig of Governor of California. That’s a lot closer than the makers of Demolition Man had hoped for when they went for the most unlikely and amusing potentiality…

And, no doubt, he will be back.


#2 – Slumdog Millionaire
Impoverished person wins $1million on Indian gameshow

Hurray! We do love a little feel-good true-life miracle, which is why the first person to win $1 million on the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has made it to the much-coveted NUMBER TWO SLOT of our Top 10 list. Just like the protagonist of Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, Sushil Kumar, whose family is so poor they couldn’t afford a television set, was the first person to ever win the cheque for 50 million rupees after correctly answering all nine questions. He didn’t really have an exciting backstory, nor were the audience inundated with frequent flashbacks but, by God, it’s pretty damn similar isn’t it? It is. It genuinely is.


#1 – 2012
It’s the end of the world as we know it…

We’re going out on a limb here with this one but, hey, we’ve got a few hours to go before 2012 hits and this one could still come true. Make sure you party like it’s the end of the world, because John Cusack’s worried little face can’t all be down to excellent acting skills…

Have we forgotten a fabulous case of life imitating film? If it’s not related to Final Destination, we’d love to hear about it below…

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