Has the Dark Knight Rises prologue been upgraded?

By now I’m sure you’re all aware of December’s Bane-gate; The Dark Knight Rises got itself a lovely prologue, and no-one had any idea what Tom Hardy’s Bane was talking about. It didn’t matter too much, on account of all the exciting things that were exploding around him, but it certainly put a dampener on an otherwise trouser-blasting introduction to the final part of Nolan’s trilogy. When asked if he would re-work the six minute prologue, Nolan promptly refused. But he did say he wasn’t averse to tweaking the audio slightly, seeing as “people do quite like knowing what the hell the characters are going on about” (not direct quote)

According to Collider, new audio mixes of the prologue are being sent out to IMAX cinemas; mixes that dial down the background noise and make Bane’s dialogue a lot easier to hear. This is only coming from one source at one cinema so far, so don’t take it as gospel, but we think it’s a rather good idea. It’s not often we’d be keen on a director like Nolan compromising his artistic vision in order to placate the masses, but this is fairly cut and dry. We don’t know what Tom Hardy is saying, Chris. We just don’t know what the words are. Did you see that he’s wearing a mask? Yeah. It makes things more difficult for us. And we want to know. We want to know because we like the films you make, Chris. Stay tuned, bat-fans…

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