This week’s releases: the trailers

Out this week: A Cat In Paris, The Cold Light Of Day, Headhunters, La Grande Illusion, Le Havre, Gang Story, North Sea Texas, Return, This Must Be The Place, Titanic 3D


A Cat In Paris

We have a feeling that, if we WERE to sit down and explain the plot of A Cat In Paris to you, you’d accuse us of treating you like an absolute moron. But it GENUINELY is about a cat in Paris; we can’t help that. Dino, a common house cat, leads a double-life. By day, he’s a loyal pet to a lonely little girl, but by night, he clambers over the rooftops of Paris in the company of THIEVES. Expect trouble, intrigue and beautiful Oscar-nominated animation.


The Cold Light Of Day

Henry Cavill plays the son of Bruce Willis in this kidnap conspiracy film, which means that he’s thrown headfirst into a helluva load of mishap while on a family vacation to Spain. Sigourney Weaver rocks up as the bad guy (again!) and it looks like there’s going to be a LOT of big reveals and chase scenes. This is perfect for all of those people who can’t get enough of Bruce Willis as an undercover agent…



It’s rumoured to be the BEST Scandinavian crime thriller to date and that, my dears, is saying something. Following insanely likeable anti hero Roger Brown as he embarks on a risky art heist, we quickly discover that our protagonist has bitten off way more than he can chew. What follows is one of the slickest, smartest and sexiest cat-and-mouse games we’ve seen in a while. Do you like gallows humour? Do you like great crime films? Can you read? Perfect! This one’s for you, kid.


La Grande Illusion

Fancy something a little different for your film feast this week? You won’t be disappointed with this monumental 1937 masterpiece; it won at the Venice Film Festival upon release and was the first foreign language film to be nominated for an Oscar. YEAH! And there’s no denying it’s one of the earliest bromances ever; it follows two French fighter pilots from vastly different social backgrounds, working together in order to eascape a German P.O.W camp. Cue something funny, insightful and, above all, a visual treat.


Le Havre

Heartwarming French comedy which thoughtfully considers the issues of poverty, immigration and life-threatening illnesses? Bring it the hell on! André Wilms is wonderful, the cinematography is magnifique and the story is both charming AND purposeful. Boy, the croissant-toting folks over in le Francais are spoiling us this week with awesome films… we’re almost suspicious.


Les Lyonnais (aka Gang Story)

Sacré bleu! ANOTHER FRENCH FILM?! Nah, we’re kidding; this one’s from Belgium. And it’s a gang film about Romany gypsies! Rumoured to be a little TOO action-packed, this film follows Momon (Gérard Lanvin), one of France’s most notorious underworld figures in the midst of his retirement from crime. Will one more heist tempt him back into his old life? You betcha.


North Sea Texas

This one’s from Belgium too! What are the odds, eh? It’s a kitschy, retro coming-of-age drama, all about overcoming the dull monotony of life in a dead-end town by (wait for it) FALLING IN LOVE!So what’s the edge? It’s a young homosexual boy discovering love for the first time – now that’s pretty rare on the silver screen, isn’t it? It is. Add this to skillful cinematography, heartfelt approach to emotional turmoil and a cute puppy, and you have a recipe for feel-good fantasticness.



A young mother returns home from Afghanistan to find that everything has changed; her husband is having an affair, her place of work is shutting down and her children barely recognise her. Return is a little like Act Of Valour, in the sense that it’s about a soldier. However, it’s also nothing like Act Of Valour in the sense that it’s a sensitive and though-provoking drama which allows us to consider the true cost of the war effort.


This Must Be The Place

Sean Penn plays a disillusioned rock star in This Must Be The Place, who journeys to spend time with his father before he dies only to find he’s arrived too late. After learning of his father’s humiliation in Auschwitz at the hand of S.S Officer Lange, he makes the journey to confront the man and all the history that comes with this. Tortured Outcast Road Trip, anyone?


Titanic 3D

Fuck you, James Cameron!

So there we have it; so many films, so little time. Which one will YOU be seeing this week? Is it French? It’s French, isn’t it…

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