Hey Look, MORE Prometheus Stills Available Online!

Remember how excited we were the other day when we lay our hands on some brand-new and totally exciting Prometheus film stills? the excitement has deadened slightly. Why? Because… well, because now there are even MORE brand-new and not-so-exciting film stills available. We think Ridley Scott has, quite possibly, released an image for every single second of film running time by this point.

But, like the troopers we are, we’re still going to look over and analyse each and eevry single one of them. And if Michael Fassbender and co. think they’re going to pull any of that “IT’S NOTHING LIKE ALIEN, WE SWEAR” bollocks, we’re going to eject them into space and watch their heads explode.

Care to join us?


Michael Fassbender in Prometheus
Oh my GOD! Remember the image before, where Michael Fassbender was gesturing us into an ominous-looking tunnel? This is him INSIDE the tunnel. Check out those eerie red lights. Some bad shit is going to start hitting the fan sometime soon…


This appears to be some sort of futuristic map. We imagine it has detected / is tracking / has been corrupted by an evil alien lifeforce. Whaddaya reckon Ridley? Is that what’s happened here?


Is that Michael Fassbender from behind? We LOVE seeing Michael Fassbender from behind! It’s our second-favourite view of him ever (our number one fave is from underneath, obviously). DISCOVERED AN ALIEN SECRET, HAVE WE FASSBENDER?


It’s a tiny holographic replica of Earth. God, we hope that doesn’t fall into the wrong (alien) hands. That’d be a pretty shitty thing to happen…


Here we are on the inside of Prometheus. We imagine that’s Cap’n Idris up there at the helm. Are we crashing onto an ALIEN planet? It looks an awful lot like we might be…


So, like, Ridley… are you going to keep any stills for yourself? Or do you want us to write the entire Prometheus script for you?

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