Top 10 Marvel Heroes

#10 Thor

To kick things off we have the hammer-throwing, hair-swishing, Norse god of thunder, Thor. His can-do attitude and love of a good rumble with a bad guy is inspiring (even if it’s enough to get him banished from Asgard). And the fact that he sacrificed his love to save his world and all his people is enough to bring a tear to the eye and secure him a place in this top ten. And hey, should the whole hero thing fizzle out he could easily replace Handy Andy should they ever bring back Changing Rooms.

#9 Incredible Hulk

Crashing in at number nine is the Incredible Hulk. He loves to bash and smash his way through all the bad guys whilst trying to prove that he is not a threat to national security (which really he is, let’s not kid ourselves), whilst ALSO trying to keep his love with general’s daughter, Betty Ross, alive. That’s quite a heavy load for a mean, green hulky machine, who’s in a constant state of rage, has no control over his actions and has an extremely limited vocabulary.

#8 Daredevil

Sure his powers are hardly the stuff of legend, but Daredevil has to be the most kick-ass, visually impaired man around! He slides around the city like he owns the joint and thwacks around nunchucks with such a high level of skill that he rivals Jackie Chan, while still managing to outwit his best friend and chat up the beautiful lady. Plus it’s always been impressive how somebody who can’t see can write their initials in fire so precisely.

#7 Jean Grey/Phoenix

Poor Jean Grey, she has such an Ď‹ber-cool power, but it was never at its full potential. It was such a tragic shame that the only way she could reach full throttle was if she turned into a crazy, firey, control freak who accidentally vapourised the love of her life and, in an irrational fury, the man who gave her a home. Trust the animalistic Wolverine to save the day by being the only one who can calm her down. Such great power, such a shame.

#6 Iron Man

Iron Man is not exactly a superhero (more a rich, brainy, charismatic kid in a very expensive supersuit) but the awesomeness still remains. To be able to build a man-shaped machine that runs off the electro-magnet in your chest enabling you to fly, gain super strength and blast bright lasers out of your palms is pretty god-damn cool. The best thing about Iron Man/Tony Stark, besides the fact that he has multi-million pound toys that he uses to save the world, has got to be his persona. He’s cheeky, he’s sarcastic and he’d probably be the coolest boss in the world!

#5 The Human Torch

Ok, so as not to beat around the bush, Johnny Storm is primarily in here as he able to fly…that and his body is on FIRE (in the physical as well as supernatural power sense)! That is not to say his other qualities are not deeply enviable, but they can be a little bit hazardous. For example, being able to reach supernova is indeed ‘fantastic’ if your trying to stop a near indestructible Dr Doom, but not so great if you sneeze in the middle of Tesco. I’m just saying.

#4 Wolverine

Ah Wolverine, our big, furry, brooding yet deliciously sensitive hunk! With a skeleton covered in the indestructable metal adamantium from head to toe, rapid regeneration and a killer animal instinct, this cheeky boy is one top Marvel hero. It has to be his ‘claw first and ask questions later’ attitude that gets our blood pumping, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Magneto could tear him apart with one flick of his finger, he’s definitely be our perfect guy.

#3 Captain America

At number three is the man of the hour himself, Captain America, and he is literally by definition ‘superhuman’. He can bench press 1200 pounds and run a mile in 73 seconds. He can’t get intoxicated in any way and he is the master of multiple martial arts. He really is the perfect specimen. But has anyone else noticed that Captain America looks a lot like Johnny Storm a.k.a The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four?

#2 Spider-Man

Spider-Man comes swinging in at number two courtesy of the movie portrayal (as in the one where he can actually produce his own web) because let’s face it, that’s just cooler. He’s super strong, acrobatic, has ‘nice reflexes’, can walk up buildings, he can practically fly and who wouldn’t want a spidey sense? In a weird nerdy way he’s actually kind of hot too. The fact that he has the characteristics of an arachnid may be gross but boy is he amazing.

#1 Professor Charles Xavier

I know what you might be thinking – he’s a dude in a wheelchair who has an unusually strong brain. But Charles Xavier is one of the best and most powerful superheroes out there. He can control what you think, what you do, he can read your mind and he can bend the most powerful heroes to his will and basically use them as puppets. Just because he can’t walk does not mean that you should mess with him, and besides, if it weren’t for him, the greatest troop of superheroes wouldn’t even exist – he is the original X-Man.

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