Forbes announces this year’s 5 top earning actors

Life is pretty tough for a mega-star. Not only do you have to spent your days and nights surrounded by breathtaking scenery built especially for you, wearing an excellent variety of exotic drapery and grappling with known beauties of your preferred gender, but at the end of the day you have to drag home an enormous pay-cheque. Forbes has released the list of the top 5 earners of the year ending May 1st 2011, and guess what? It doesn’t feature Charlie Sheen. Damn.

Taking the top-spot was Leonardo DiCaprio, who cashed in a rather nice $77 million for his performances in Inception and Shutter Island. He was not-so-closerly followed by Johnny Depp who received $50 million for Pirates Of The Caribbean: We Got Rid Of The Crap Ones. In third place was, sigh, Adam Sandler whose disaster Grown Ups was his highest grossing film ever (what? WHAT?), earning him $40 million (WHAT??) closely followed by Will Smith who apparently got paid for Men In Black 3 before they’d even started shooting – a not-to-be-sniffed at $36 million. Rounding out the ground was good old Tom Hanks, who managed to pocket $35 million by bringing our favourite cowboy Woody back to our screens.

Adam Sandler? ADAM SANDLER? You, all of you who went to see Grownups. You did this.

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