Captain America takes on Batman and Superman

The biggest names in comics, movies and superheroes will all be going toe to toe in 2016 as Marvel’s Captain America 3 faces off against DC’s Batman vs. Superman.

Captain America 3, which was recently all but greenlit, is set to open on May 6th 2016. Following the announcement that its release would be delayed by almost a year, Warner Bros’ untitled Batman/Superman movie – the sequel to Man of Steel, which will introduce Ben Affleck as the new Batman – will hit cinemas on the same day.

This is a risky strategy for basically everyone involved. Although Captain America is gaining ground as a solo hero (look out for our review of his new film The Winter Soldier when the review embargo lifts next week), Superman and Batman are arguably the most well-known superheroes of all time, Avengers or no Avengers. Disney/Marvel had first dibs on the release date, so Warner Bros. must be feeling bloody confident about their heroes’ chances.

Will a DC property finally be able to break Marvel’s decade-long stranglehold on the first-weekend-of-summer top spot? We don’t know, and because this industry is ridiculous we won’t find out for two and a bit years. PSYYYYYYYYYCHED

Who do you think will win the day – grumpy Nazi-puncher Cap or DC’s solitary mystery men? Actually, they’re all quite lonely, aren’t they? Maybe they should just all go to the zoo together.

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