Top 10 movie break-ups

#10 – Jesus and Judas: Jesus Christ Superstar

It’s the ULTIMATE betrayal of friendship, guys! Picture the scene; you’ve settled down for a nice late-night picnic with a group of your bezzie mates, when one of them rocks up with a platoon of Roman soldiers and has you arrested, tortured and crucified. It’s just not on, is it? Except you know who WE feel sorry for? Judas. Because, thanks to Jesus’ prophecy that someone would betray him AND that he would sacrifice himself on the cross for our sins, he’s really the one being bamboozled here. And don’t think he doesn’t realise it either…

“God I’ll never ever know, why you chose me for your crime – for your foul bloody crime. You have murdered me!”

Who’s the bad guy now, eh Jesus? At least you have resurrection skills at hand – poor old Judas is literally going to spend an eternity in Hell (presumably) now he’s hung himself out of guilt and misery and anguish.


#9 – Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion: The Wizard Of Oz

This one is sad because it’s a breakup of necessity, rather than desire. Dorothy has realised during her time in Oz that there’s “no place like home” which, sadly, means that she has to wave goodbye to her newfound pals and click her sparkly red heels back home to Aunty Em. But saying goodbye is never easy – especially when it’s to the three magical beings that kept you alive and optimistic for the last few weeks:

It’s the fact that she’s SO excited to be heading back to her family – and then is hit by the sudden sinking realisation she will never see her best friends again. Ever. Although we imagine it was even more heartbreaking for Tin Man and the Lion – after all, nobody likes playing second-fiddle to a walking bag of hay, do they?


#8 – Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker: Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith

We hate the Star Wars prequels but there’s no point denying that Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi’s massive falling out is a pretty iconic one. Mainly because, in this breakup scene, one of them really lets rip with his emotions (and lightsaber), cutting off the other’s legs and leaving them to slowly burn to death.

Little bit extreme, don’t you think? No wonder Darth Vader took such pleasure in cutting Alec Guinness in half come Episode IV, eh?


#7 – James Bond and M: Skyfall

Ah, James Bond and M. The pair have been friends for years, with Judi Dench’s M becoming something of a mother figure to Daniel Craig’s Bond but, come Skyfall, something shifts in the dynamic. She orders another agent to make a shot which could, potentially, take out 007 – and, inevitably, it does. Come Bond’s belated return to MI6 HQ, the relationship between the duo is icy at best – but, as M’s life is thrown into the balance by a mentally imbalanced former agent, James quickly throws himself into doing everything he can to save her. Including spiriting her away under the cover of darkness and holing up at Skyfall, his family estate and childhood home in Scotland. He does literally everything he can to keep M safe – but is it enough?

Of course it isn’t enough. And Bond’s emotional farewell to M, the most important woman in his world, is one that will haunt most 007 fans for the rest of their lives.


#6 – Woody and Andy: Toy Story 3

Woody and Andy’s relationship is one of the most enduring, and relatable, in cinema to date; after all, who hasn’t possessed a toy they’ve treasured since childhood, eh? The pair have spent their entire life together, having adventures on the carpet and with cardboard boxes – all empowered by imagination – and so it comes as a massive shock to discover that, come Toy Story 3, Andy is 18 years old and leaving for college. Worse still? Woody (along with Buzz Lightyear and the rest of Andy’s toys) have been gathering dust in an old chest in the corner of Andy’s bedroom.

But that doesn’t mean Andy is ready to give away his favourite toy and longtime best friend. Not yet. Not ever. Not until he realises that, to give his treasured cowboy another chance at happiness, he has to let him go:

“Now Woody, he’s been my pal for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be, and kind and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special is he’ll never give up on you… ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.”

There’s a reason people called this one of the saddest moments in Disney history. Give me a moment – my eyes are inexplicably wet…


#5 – Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus Labyrinth

Ever seen Labyrinth? No? You’re missing out. It follows a discontented teenage Jennifer Connelly on a quest to win back her baby brother from the clutches of the evil, yet strangely seductive, Goblin King (David Bowie) – and, along the way, she makes some amazing friends. There’s Ludo, the sweet beast who can summon rocks when their aid is required. THere’s Sir Didymus, an excitable terrier-come-knight, who will stop at nothing to protect Sarah’s honour, and there’s Hoggle, a lonely dwarf who has been friendless his entire life. Which means that, when Sarah shyly places her trust in him, his entire outlook on the world is changed forever – and a little sliver of ice falls from his heart.

But you just KNOW it’s going to end in tears – especially as we know that, once Jen has salvaged baby Toby from the depths of Bowie’s labyrinth, she will have to return to the real world and bid her friends goodbye. Forever.

Should you need them, Jen, all you have to do is call. If, you know, you can muster up the strength to do so over your sobs…


#4 – Copper and Tod: The Fox And The Hound

Tod and Copper are best friends – which will, as any shrewd viewer will quickly realise, is fraught with problems. Mainly because Tod is a young fox cub and Copper is a young hound puppy. Nevertheless, the pair spend pretty much every single moment of their lives together growing up and, when the time comes for Copper to head off and train to become a real hunting dog, Tod is pretty confident that the pair will be just fine.

Big Mama: Tod, that Copper is going to come back a hunting dog, a real killer.
Young Tod: Oh no, not my friend Copper. He won’t ever change.
Big Mama: I hope you’re right.
Young Tod: And we’ll keep on being friends forever. Right, Big Mama?
Big Mama: Darling, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things.

Anyone else feeling a horrible sense of foreboding?

The pair will never be friends again. In fact, there’ll even come a time when Copper hunts Tod down with a frightening determination – and it soon becomes clear that “best friends forever” was an empty dream. Sob.


#3 – Wilson and Chuck Noland – Cast Away

It’s strange to think that the friendship between a man and a volleyball could have touched so many people – but Chuck’s dependence on the silently enigmatic Wilson is, quite possibly, the most memorable part of shipwrecked drama Cast Away. The ball, marked with a bloody handprint and smiley face, is Chuck’s only companion during the four years he spends alone on a deserted island and, as time goes by, the “pair” begin to have many conversations and arguments. So it makes sense that, when Chuck makes his big attempt to escape the island via a hastily put-together raft, he takes Wilson along with him.

“Don’t worry Wilson, I’ll do all the paddling. You just hang on.”

Oh Wilson. He tried so hard to save you but… but it just wasn’t enough. it wasn’t enough and you bobbed away and you’re gone. Gone. Leaving Chuck all alone-alone for the first time in four years.

May your memory live on forever.


#2 – Merry and Pippin: Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

This one is sure to have hearts shattering into pieces all over the place. Merry and Pippin are, by all accounts, the comic relief of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy – and their bromance is one of the most endearing features of all three films. From smoking Longbottom leaf to drinking pints of ale, Merry and Pippin know how to have a good time, as long as, of course, thye are together. So, when the pair are ripped apart after Pippin endures a dangerous encounter with Sauron (via the palantir of Orthanc), it easily supercedes Boromir’s death as one of THE most upsetting moments of Middle Earth ever. Like, seriously guys – ever.

Pippin: But we’ll see each other soon, won’t we? Won’t we?
Merry: I don’t know. I don’t know what is going to happen.
Pippin: Merry?

Oh. Oh God. Oh God it hurts SO much. It’s a little bit like a Morgul-blade has been plunged deep into your heart watching that scene, isn’t it? Thank goodness we know (we promise!) that the pair will be reunited, alive and well, in the not too distant future…


#1 – Atreyu and Artax : The NeverEnding Story

I don’t think I can do this one again. I really don’t. It’s too much emotion for my undersized heart to handle; essentially, Atreyu has just one friend in the land of Fantasia – his beautiful (and loyal) horse, Artax. But, when the pair stumble upon the Swamps of Sadness, tragedy strikes. Cue one of the most gutwrenching scene ever filmed. Ever.

“Fight against the sadness Artax. Artax, please. You’re letting the sadness of the swamps get to you. You have to try, you have to care. For me, I’m your friend, I love you… You have to try. You have to care, for me, you’re my friend, and I love you. Artax! Stupid horse! You’ve gotta move or you’ll die! Move, please! I won’t give up! Don’t quit! Artax! Please!”

And then… and then Artax actually… the horse actually dr… Argh, I just can’t, okay? I can’t do this one. I’m done here. We’re done here. List over.


Which breakdown of a movie friendship most affected you? Why?

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