Top 10 movie burgers

#10 – The Pink Panther

His facial spasms are undeniably annoying, but Steve Martin squeezes every last drop of comedy from the fact that he’s a french man unable to say the word hamburger. Amburger? Damnburger? Hilarious. Although this clip doesn’t actual feature a hamburger, we’ve decided that it deserves a mention anyway. Skip to halfway through to see Steve Martin in a surprising twist of events caught with nun chucks and a mace at an airport, and of course, hamburgers are stuffed in his pockets too.

#9 – Clerks 2

Kevin Smith’s follow up to the cult hit Clerks takes place in a burger joint called Mooby’s. This argument about Lord of the Rings vs Star Wars is just one of many brilliant scenes in the film. Although Clerks 2 was made 12 years after Clerks, it played at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 (where it had an eight-minute standing ovation from the audience) and generally was very well received by critics. Kevin Smith has said Clerks 3 will be his last film to write/direct and he is aiming for a 2014 release date to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the original film. We can’t wait!

#8 – American Beauty

This is a particularly juicy burger moment. A Sam Mendes classic, Lester (Kevin Spacey) is in the midst of a midlife crisis working at Burger King when he catches his wife cheating on him. Serving her and the guy she’s sleeping with at the drive in, he gathers all the evidence he needs to hold against her when they divorce. It’s a fist punching moment, and you just know he’s spat in their burgers. It’s Lester’s straight face that makes him look slightly psychopathic, but he’s still the best thing about this film for us.

#7 – Grease

One of Kenickie’s best moments happens in the diner, where he is having a burger with Rizzo. Taking a massive bite of his burger (with an audible NOMNOMNOM – you know the noise I mean..) Rizzo looks utterly disgusted saying “you pig!”. This clip unfortunately cuts off the best part, but you get the idea. Also, it has *probably* been scientifically proven, that if you eat a burger in the same way as Kenickie does here, you’ll enjoy it twice as much AND you’ll score all the ladies.

#6 – Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck has made it into our top 10 for this burger eating scene in Good Will Hunting. This proves that eating burgers is the perfect male bonding tool, as if we didn’t already know it. But also, burger-eating has probably contributed to his award-winning success for Argo in some way or another. Good Will Hunting won a whole host of awards by itself let’s not forget, including a Best Screenplay Oscar for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. They must have been eating burgers bought from another supermarket chain we’re assuming.

#5 – Super Size Me

Morgan Spurlock’s documentary showing the ill-effects of McDonalds was nominated for an Oscar. After eating nothing but burgers for a month, this was the recognition Spurlock deserved. A similar point could be made out of Fast Food Nation or Food, Inc. but we won’t overdo it with diet-inducing documentaries. Although this clip may make you want to toss your cookies, don’t let it stop you enjoying fast food (once in a while, of course). Interestingly, after the film was released, McDonalds underwent a mission to re-brand itself, including massive campaigns advertising their new healthy salad boxes and fruit bags in their Happy Meals. We’re unconvinced.

#4 – Dumb and Dumber

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels end up in a diner, where they anger a group of truckers by throwing salt at them, prompting one to spit in Harry’s (Daniels) burger. Disgusting and hilarious, burger comedy doesn’t get better than this. Dumb and Dumber was made during Jim Carrey’s golden years, which included The Mask, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. It’s safe to say that Carrey’s career has steadily declined since then. Similar could be said of Jeff Daniels, who in the three years subsequent to Dumb and Dumber would star in Speed, 101 Dalmations and Fly Away Home, arguably some of his best roles. It is also worth mentioning that Dumb and Dumberer(2003) was a critical failure although it was a box office success.

#3 – Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

The ultimate burger fantasy you’ve only ever dreamed of is here, brought to life in film. When Flint invents a machine that can turn water into food, a town in economic downturn can be saved. However, when the machine is sucked into the atmosphere and it starts RAINING food, chaos ensues. I have to admit, having not seen Cloudy, I cannot promote it’s brilliance here. But, it looks fantastic so I will definitely have to see it at some point. Having come from the sky, we can only guess that the burgers are made from cow-meat and not horse-meat, but, being a children’s fantasy, it’s anybody’s guess.

#2 – Good Burger

“Hello, this is Good Burger, welcome to Good Burger, can I take your order?” There are so many wonderful burger-related moments in Good Burger, but Ed’s burger dream epitomizes what we love about this movie- pure silliness in unhealthy proportions. We were tempted to include the “strawberry jacuzzi”, but it didn’t quite have enough burger in it to qualify.

#1 – Pulp Fiction

There are so many burger references in Tarantino’s films, mostly due to his creation of a Hawaiian-themed fast food restaurant called Big Kahuna Burger. However, we thought his “royale with cheese” comment was just too predictable, so here’s Samuel L. saying his classic line “this IS a tasty burger!” How about that? It’s our ultimate burger movie reference and it takes the number 1 slot. On a side note, if you fancy making your own Big Kahuna Burger, you can follow this recipe provided by Shortlist and created by head chef Dave Watts at the Cotswold House Hotel. Just one more thing- take a hint from us and buy beef from your local butcher. He’ll be happy, you’ll be happy and the horses will be happy. The cows won’t be hey! who’s caring.

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