Top 10 Worst Bosses in film

#10 George Wade – Two Weeks Notice

Reasoning: Gut-wrenching neediness

Please, if you’re a multi-millionaire head of a company then you should be able to sort your own life out. Well not if you’re Hugh Grant – who in Two Weeks Notice appears to require Sandra Bullock to help him with every little eensy weensy detail of his life, from dragging her around the shops helping to pick out a mattress, to pulling her out of her friend’s wedding halfway across town so she can help him pick a suit to wear. Man-child? We think so.

#9 Scar – The Lion King

Reasoning: A ruthless user who plays the blame game

He rallies the Hyenas, he claims they’re his friends, he feeds them, he lets them in on his plans, he makes false promises, he USES to kill Mufasa and then orders them to kill helpless little Simba. But when Simba returns big and strong, like the dastardly coward that he is, he turns on his ‘friends’ and tries to drop them in it. Lucky for them that they are the few among us who actually get to serve that dish that’s best served cold.

#8 Ebenezer Scrooge – The Muppet Christmas Carol

Reasoning: Selfish crankiness

Ah Christmas, a time for peace and love and good to all men (and muppets), unless you’re mean old miser Ebenezer Scrooge – who’s idea of good old time is firing workers, cancelling public holidays and sitting alone in an armchair counting money. Come on dude, sit back, relax, drink a glass of sherry and let the good times roll.

#7 J.Jonah Jameson – Spider-man

Reasoning: The King of trash talk

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if all of a sudden an uber cool superhero emerges from the shadows, performing various super acts of heroism, would you not, as the editor of a newspaper, praise him/her to no end and frame their name in shining lights? Well if you’re J.Jonah Jameson, your deluded mind tells you differently, persuading you to stamp said hero’s name down into the mud. For poor Peter Parker/Spider-man, this monster happens to be his boss. Just squirt some web over his mouth and you’ll be fine Pete.

#6 Daniel Cleaver – Bridget Jones’ Diary

Reasoning: Pure unadulterated sexual harassment

To round-off the Hugh Grant double whammy we implore you to name us one person (or one woman at least) who likes him as Daniel Cleaver. The womanising, lying cheating scum-bag not only sexually harassed our Bridget – not that she was complaining at the time – but after he was done with her he went and broke her heart by bedding some skinny New Yorker but still expected her to work for him. If we had to work within 10 yards of him, frankly, we to would rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein’s arse.

#5 Katherine Parker – Working Girl

Reasoning: Idea-stealing backstabber

Although she may not be the kind of evil that gets people killed, Katherine Parker breaks the number one law of office ettiqutte, by stealing ideas and pretending they’re her own. Not only does she steal poor Melanie Griffith’s ideas but also totally tries to whip lover Harrison Ford right out from under her. Slam this together with a healthy dose of two-faced sweetness, and you have the perfect bitch. Too bad if she’s your boss.

#4 Miranda Priestly – The Devil Wears Prada

Reasoning: Undoubtedly the Queen B(itch)

Oh Miranda, Miranda, Miranda, how we mere mortals fear thee, as with just one glare she can put the fear of God into even the bravest soul. But it’s her patronizing tone, her seemingly cold heart, her constant torture of poor Anne Hathaway and her absolutely diabolical requests (such as obtaning the new Harry Potter book for her twins before the manuscript has even gone to press) that prevent her from recieving that much coveted ‘World’s Greatest Boss’ mug.

#3 Gordon Gekko – Wall Street

Reasoning: Greedy, selfish douchebaggery

Gordon Gekko does not love himself, he does not love his family and he certainly doesn’t love you. The only thing he does love is money and he will do anything to get it. Even if that means befriending you, stripping away your morals and then trying to trick his way into creating the downfall of a major airline company that your own father works for, consequently leaving him and thousands more without a job. Evidently his tongue is as slimy as his hair.

#2 The Emperor – Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

Reasoning: The ultimate dark-sided evil

Imagine you’re Darth Vader – you were training to become a Jedi, you had a loving wife, two bouncing babies on the way, and then you get turned to the Dark Side by someone you thought you could trust. Then, if you please, he tries to turn your son in order to replace YOU, and when he respectfully declines he decides to try and fry him to death right in front of your eyes! Tut tut.

#1 John Milton – The Devil’s Advocate

Reasoning: He’s Satan

You know what they say, never trust a lawyer – especially if he’s Al Pacino, and ESPECIALLY if he’s the devil. Next thing you know you’ll have accidentally sold your soul and brought on the end of the world, or in Keanu Reeves’s case, your wife will go crazy, be raped and cut up by Satanic boss, and eventually commit suicide only for you to find out that this demonic leader is your father!

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