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  • Gravity

    This review was first published on Steven’ website – if you liked it, give him some hits! While servicing the Hubble Space Telescope in orbit around Earth, astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Mission Specialist Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) are alerted by Houston to approaching debris from a damaged Russian satellite. Although initially…

  • The Heat

    The Heat is the Bridesmaids (2011) follow-up director Paul Feig should have given us sooner, because it is a positive titan of its genre. Starring Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, The Proposal, our fever dreams) and Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids), the plot follows the sisterly evolution of Bullock’s emotionally crippled FBI Agent Ashburn and McCarthy’s trigger-happy…

  • Monday Face/Off – Nicole Kidman

    For our fourth Monday Face/Off, we at BFF Towers have decided to mark imminent release of Stoker with a titanic battle over the worth of Australian Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. In the film, Tom Cruise’s ex plays the unstable mother of India (not the nation), whose father has just passed away, and his mysterious brother comes to move in with them. Tagged: DO NOT DISTURB THE FAMILY, we shall determine whether dearest Nicole is disturbingly good or simply disturbing. In the pro camp stands Ray, ready to defend NK’s honour: in the anti-camp stands Carlotta, sharpening her knives in anticipation of a slaughter. Let the butchery begin!

  • Top 10 Time Travel Movies that Feature Assholes

    If time travel is ever made possible (spoiler! It won’t be) we’d like to think that we could overcome our urges to start messing around with the fabric of reality. We certainly wouldn’t be tempted to do anything noble, where you try to avert a tragedy and save gazillions of lives, like killing Baby Hitler. No, no, here at Best For Film it’s likely our motives would be much more base. Winning the lottery comes to mind. Or going back 5 minutes and scratching our backs in juuust the right place.

  • Top 10 Movie Athletes

    “Football is 80% mental and 40% physical.” Erroneous mathematics is just one of the highlights of that hallowed cornerstone of the film industry; the sports movie. Other than sex, the only other thing which has the power to absolutely unite the sexes is a good sports film; everyone’s equal in the stadium, you know? Dudes put on makeup and call it “warpaint”, women start bottling people in the stands, everyone wears skintight Lycra – sports movies bring out the pikey banter-lad in us all. It’s hot, the Olympics are nigh – let’s get rowdy.