Top 5 reasons Diana: Her True Story is better than Diana

#5 – It’s a BBC Production

It’s a BBC Production. Let’s let that sink in. Not ITV. Not Channel 5. Not even- god save us- HBO. But the British Broadcasting Corporation, of noble and sensible lineage, feeding us unimaginable and exploitative royalist catastrophes, shot in gorgeous, glorious soft-focus. It may be the worst thing in the world. It might be the best. Who knows?!


#4 – There’s A Happy Ending

Do Best For Film and the Daily Mail have any cross-over traffic? Unlikely, but if so, this one is for you brave little soldiers who just can’t bear to see our People’s Princess suffer any longer. Well, there’s suffering. But no dying, and that’s the main thing you lot seem to be concerned about.

(This may be because the film was made before she went over to the Happy Hunting Ground. But still. Take your pleasures where you can, Mail-ites, because Dacre’s GOING DOWN.)


#3 – You and Di Are Two Peas In A Pod

Naomi Watts might believe that Diana gave her mandate from beyond the grave to play the Queen of Hearts, but it’s practically certain that Di literally actually watched this movie with her own alive eyes. Practially. Almost definitely. I mean, if they made a made-for-TV biopic of your most troubled years starring Serena Scott-Thomas, you’d definitely have to watch it, right? Don’t lie, you definitely would. Sitting there, hate-watching, in your pyjamas. I bet Diana did that. I just bet she did. She was just like us. She was the people’s princess.

(Except now she isn’t, because she’s dead.)


#2 – It’s Full of Interventions From The Department Of Heavyhanded Foreshadowing

SCENE: Int. Night. A television, featuring PRINCE CHARLES, is displayed prominently.

BABY DIANA, in tutu and crown: When I gwow up, I want to be a pwincess!

OLD LADY FROM DEPARTMENT OF FORESHADOWING, looking at PRINCE CHARLES: The first Diana Spencer almost married the Prince of Wales.

BABY DIANA: But thee didn’t? Why not?

Ominous silence.

BABY DIANA: Didn’t he love her, Gwandmama?

Ominous silence. Cut to Prince Charles. Cut. Cut. Silence. Ominousness. Ominous. Cut.

You don’t get that kind of subtlety in modern films, ladies and gentlemen. A little slow on the uptake? This is the film for you.


#1 – “I for one was very entertained by the story of a shy young girl that was a lamb to the slaughter.”

I do, usually, take my film recommendations from strangers on the internet, and this time, I’m turning to the eternal judgment of “carpentersfan2003”. Thanks, IMDb! “This movie is one of the best movie I have ever seen in all my life”, says carpentersfan2003, citing an excellent portrayal of bulimia and “the hell that Di endured when she was part of the Royal firm”. Can’t argue with that now, can you. No, you can’t.


We watched Diana: Her True Story on Netflix, which has since removed it. So why not watch it right here on Best For Film? Never say we do nothing for you:


Isn’t that something? Feel free to share your favourite moments below.

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