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QFT at Ulster Museum
3 July – 25 September

Looking for a touch of good old-fashioned Hollywood glamour? Head on over to the Ulster Museum, which has teamed up with the QFT (that’s Queens Film Theatre, to those of you not down with your acronyms) to bring you a fashion exhibition featuring 50 of the world’s most filmed and photographed costumes, including those showcased in the award winning The King’s Speech. And then, after you’ve gloried at the outfits, head on over and watch the movies that made them famous. What could be better than that?


Watch Me Move
15th June – 11th September

You like cartoons, do you? Pixar maybe? A dash of anime? Time for you to hit up the Barbican and experience the dynamic line up of talks, film screenings and special events programmed in collaboration with Watch Me Move: The Animation Show. It’s the perfect way to enjoy cartoons as an adult; forget sneaking into the living room at 6am on a Saturday morning, perhaps clutching a bowl of over-sugared cereal. You can experience them in public, with other grown-ups, in a hyper cool setting. So get on it!


Brazilian Film Festival
6 – 10 September

Looking to ogle the very best of Brazilian cinema? I thought as much; you need to shimmy down to the Inffinito Festival Circuit in London between the 6th and 10th September. We’re talking about 18 amazing films making their UK debut, all at the Odeon Covent Garden, not to mention the fact that Man From the Future, the hugely anticipated film by Claudio Torres, will open the festival. Prestigious, out there, wildly different… it’s a BFF must.


Brighton On Film
7 September

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside… especially when they cram it full of vintage movie magic! On the 7th September (yup, tomorrow… nothing like a spontaneous day out, eh?) the Vintage Mobile Cinema will make its first ever trip to Brighton to launch the Screen Heritage UK programme. The backstory? Seven mobile cinemas were commissioned in 1967 to tour British factories and promote modern production methods. Sounds a tad dull, but bear with me, as, after a few years of service, the fleet were sold off and disappeared completely, besides from one sad rusty little motor. Vintage vehicle enthusiast Ollie Halls and Emma Giffard took on the task of reviving the vehicle and returning it as close as possible to its original 1960s condition and now, without further delay, it’s touring the country once again to showcase archive flicks to the masses.


The Nomad Movie Experience
8 – 30 September

Bored of cramming yourself into a soulless little box with all the Odeon and Vue going idiots of the world? Isn’t it just horrible when a lack of air conditioning, cramped conditions and chavs make you hate a movie which you would otherwise enjoy? The answer to both of these questions has to be ‘yes’; mainly because I asked you in a rhetorical sense, but also because, should you say ‘no’, you’ll have to imagine me cocking a very large gun at your very empty head. Cocked. Thanks to Nomad, these boring cinemas can be a thing of the past! Providing screenings of great films in appropriately great locations (Labyrinth at St Augustine Abbey, anyone? Or Back To The Future at The Old Royal Observatory?), Nomad events also promise added elements of theatre, music and performance. So prepare to do the odd double-take and keep an eye on the seemingly innocent movie goers around you. All may not be as it seems… Running from, ooh, NOW until the end of September, we recommend you book your tickets pronto. They’re selling out insanely fast!


White Water Movies
9 – 10 September

What would be the ideal setting for wet ‘n’ wild family flicks Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean? Possibly the Lee Valley White Water Centre. In fact, DEFINITELY the Lee Valley White Water Centre. This inspirational venue seems set to provide two spectacular evenings of outdoor cinema on Friday 9th to Saturday 10th September. There’s nothing better than Johnny Depp amidst the rumbling rapids… except maybe Johnny Depp naked. In my bedroom. Oh my!


Pedal Powered Cinema
10 – 11 September

There’s nothing more Boris Johnson likes to see than Londoners in obscenely tight spandex. Of course, I’m speaking about his many cycle schemes; it seems only logical that the next step in his wheely-crazy regime should be a pedal-powered cinema in the heart of Southbank. Playing films related to the location, including the premiere of Deva Palmier’s Southbank Unseen, the theory is that viewers cycle to the cinema, hook their bikes to the generator and power the performance. Which sounds like a LOT of effort but hey, how many people can claim to lose weight whilst enjoying a great movie? Get your tickets here if you’re interested in working up a (completely virtuous) sweat during your next movie.


Drive-In Movie Experience
16 – 18 September

Stranded at the drive-in and branded a fool; what on earth was John Travolta whining about? Drive-in movies are indisputably kitschy, cool and most definitely not something to be embarrassed about. Which is why Essex’ very own drive-in movie experience is simply a must-have for your Autumn film calendar. Just like the old days, you tune your car to the on-site frequency, sit back and chill, perhaps with your hand gently stealing towards the bosom of your preppy sweatered date. With a mix of classic, scary and blockbuster films, as well as family favourites, there’s definitely something for everyone. Even Twilight fans will be happy with the line-up (excuse my annoyed sigh).


Raindance Film Festival
28 September – 8 October

Feeling an overwhelming desire to don skinny jeans, large framed glasses and a cool slogan tee, possibly with some distressed Converse trainers for good measure? Yup, you’re definitely suffering from a case of malnourished Indie tendencies. The cure is simple; hit up the Raindance Film Festival, which is running in London from the 28th September to the 8th October. Tipped as being one of the world’s most unmissable festivals ever, Raindance always promises to be bold, edgy and ultra-daring, screening over 70 UK feature premieres of all genres and over 200 shorts, making it the most noted festival of discovery and for launching debut filmmakers in Europe. Thus making your attendance the ultimate Indie badge of honour; go forth, experience films and feel cool about it…


BFI All Nighter
30 September

Ah, you can always count on the BFI for a marvel-ous night out. Yes, that was a pun. A very bad one, in fact, as the next infamous all-nighter at this fab London venue is based around the Marvel comics. Hit up Southbank on 30th September to see The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man 2 and Thor all in one crazy intense sitting. Thank god for the free tea and coffee, that’s all I’ll say. The entire enterprise would be doomed without that complimentary caffeine fix!


BFI Disney 50
Continuous – see BFI website for full details

If superheroes aren’t your bag, why not hit up the Disney 50 at Southbank’s BFI? The complete works are being shown chronologically over an entire year, finishing up with Disney’s latest release, Tangled. And everybody LOVES Disney; happy ever afters, dreams coming true and feisty orphans showing up the wicked witch time and time again. A good chance to get in touch with your inner child.


Cult Movie Mondays
Continuous – see Alibi website for full details

Calling all cult film fans! Calling all cult fans! Please report to Real Gold’s Alibi bar on Monday, every Monday, forever and ever. Why? Because this cool East London venue transform itself into a meeting place for film buffs on our least favourite day of the week, creating a wonderful haven of flickering images. And, better yet, it’s completely free. No complaining now, go along and enjoy a cult feature movie alongside drinks, games and the occasional Arnie quote-athon. Who doesn’t like Mondays now, Bob Geldof?


55th BFI London Film Festival
12 – 27 October

Is it nearly October already? Well, not really, but we’re pretty sure that, what with all those fun September film events, it’ll be the month of Halloween before you know it. What’s a film buff to do this Autumn? Head on over to the 55th BFI London Film Festival, which will be kicking off on the 12th. And, when it’s a BFI event, you just know you’ll be getting great movies, a dose of glamour and a reignited passion for all things cinema. They’re keeping the line-up under wraps until 7th September, but we already know that Rachel Weisz will be opening and closing the festival with 360 and Deep Blue Sea (not the one with the sharks).


Clones Film Festival
26 – 30 October

While we’re on the topic of October, it’s definitely worth mentioning that the hugely prestigious Clones Film Festival in Ireland for a seriously good look at the sort of non-commercial films that aren’t usually accessible to the public. Providing a great platform for independent film-makers, this is the sort of event you can drop into conversation over cocktails with hip young professionals and find yourself basking in their awe and jealousy. Fact.


Abertoir Horror Festival
8 – 13 November

Okay, so it may be a little early to be thinking about what you’re going to be up to in November but we highly recommend the Abertoir Horror Festival in Wales. Running from the 8th-13th November, the festival promises a range of excellent and terrifying movies, special guests, comedians, live music, inflatable skeletons, vibrating seats (hello!) and general madness. The line-up is yet to be announced but, with an awesome Friday night party themed around Vincent Price’s classic film The Masque of the Red Death!, you just KNOW this is going to be a fantastic event. Stick it in your calendar folks, there’s nothing better than a damn good scare…

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