Another Earth Trailer Released

Stop the presses. A woman who is both STEAMING HOT and ACTUALLY TALENTED has written and produced her own movie? Move over Kathryn, we’ve got a new directress crush in the form of Brit Marling

Winner at this years Sundance, Another Earth tells the story of Rhoda Williams (the aforementioned Brit Marling) who lives in a world very much like ours, only one day they discover a planet that is effectively.. well, another earth. To Rhoda, a talented young astrophysicist trying to put her life back together after a terrible tragedy, Earth 2 is her only hope. After winning a trip to Earth 2, Rhoda becomes obsessed with finding her double, and presumably other things happen, like messing about with the Wii. It looks a bit like Escape to Witch Mountain, only with a few more moody silences.

Expect Brit Marling and her baby Another Earth to be a big effing deal next year so make a mental note of that December 2nd release date.

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