Guardians of the Galaxy debuts first trailer

Move over, Avengers – the Guardians of the Galaxy have rolled into town, and they’re really, really silly.

The first trailer for Marvel’s latest superhero team adventure premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it’s been rapturously received by just about everyone. We’re not quite sold – anything that features John C. Reilly, Peter Serafinowicz and Benicio del Toro (as “Liberace in space”, no less) has to have potential, but the antic soup of heavily armed rodents, cut-price Ents and that guy out of The Lego Movie has a way to go before it really impresses.

Here, have a watch:

Now, the Best For Film team is not of one mind on this, so I’m going to abandon the traditional first person plural of our news stories and nail my colours to the mast; as it stands, I’m just not digging Guardians of the Galaxy. Action comedies are all very well, and I’d be the last person to dismiss superheroes or sci-fi, but this (awfully cut) trailer looks like Jon Favreau made a Star Wars fan film aged about fifteen and it only just got released. The jokes are predictable, the CGI is plasticky as it comes and the Guardians themselves are just inane, although that’s probably the fault of the comics. All power to Marvel for wanting to do something a bit different, but is high-energy nonsense in space really what the people want?

What am I saying, obviously it’s what the people want. Carry on, guys. Sigh.

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