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The Oxford English Dictionary defines October as “a month of Autumnal nothingness” (don’t look it up, that’s cheating, just take our word for it, alright?). Yes, it’s well known that the only thing you can do in October is sit around on your bottom, watching as the weather gets chillier and the nights get darker. All you have to look forward to Halloween and, a couple more months after that, Christmas – the only bright beacons of thought amongst 31 days of hell. Right? Wrong! With Best For Film on the case, October has never looked so busy! So pick up your bike, grab your walking shoes or hop on that train, because there’s plenty going on…

The Bicycle Film Festival 2010: 13th October 2010 – 17th October 2010

Kicking off today over at London’s Barbican, the Bicycle Film Festival (or the BFF, as it’s known to its fans, sharing good company with our own fair website) is celebrating its tenth birthday this year, returning with another showcase of new shorts, features and some archive treats about everything bike! And we all know that new is better than recycled (ba-doom tish!).

It’s non-stop pedal based fun for four days as the festival unleashes new films by Benny Zenga, Lucas Brunelle and Brian Vernor, alongside a BMX tribute produced by none other than Spike Jonze. With the Baribcan’s regular LATES event joining the fun with a set from electropop mavericks Metronomy (featuring a specially commissioned film projection and light show) on Thursday and the area’s Family Film Club also getting in on the action with a screening of ET: The Extra Terrestrial, the BFF is the weekend when you’ll find every cyclist in town down at the Barbican!

For more information about the Bicycle Film Festival, click here for the official site

The Native Spirit Festival: 12th October 2010 – 22nd October 2010

The Native Spirit Festival is also returning to London, in this case for the fourth time. With both North and South America’s indigenous people having suffered the consequences of European invasion for over 500 years, the organisers of Native Spirit feel that the mass media has perpetuated a false image of their cultures in order to eradicate them. This festival intends change that, restoring the voice of the indigenous and allowing them to recount history from their perspective.

Running from October 12th to October 22nd, the festival will feature a variety of films on the indigenous people of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Venezuela – it is a must for anyone interested in the native people of these countries. With such races being severely under-represented in the global film and media industries, the festival is seen as a much-needed platform to celebrate and explore indigenous cultures, offering London residents and the European public as a whole an opportunity to share views with some of the oldest surviving and most marginalised peoples on this planet. In doing this, the festival hopes focus on the ancient traditions, cultures and languages of these natives, instead of the displacement, conflict and exploitation we usually see today.

To learn more about the Native Spirit Festival and its events, please visit their official website.

Scotland Loves Anime:
Edinburgh dates; 15th October 2010 – 17th October 2010
Dundee dates; 22nd October 2010 – 26th October 2010

We don’t like being too London-centric here at Best For Film, so for our fans north of the border, allow us to present a nationwide celebration of Japanese animation! We are sad to announce that the Glasgow leg of this event, taking place this past weekend, somehow escaped our attention, but – if our Glaswegian readers are hankering for an anime fix – it’s only short train ride to Edinburgh’s Filmhouse Cinema for this week’s installment. Featuring the UK premiere of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, a special screening of Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance and showings of Summer Wars, Trigun: Badlands Rumble and Redline (amongst others), you’re going to want to be there!

Miss Summer Wars there? Or just really want to catch it again? Then onward you charge to the DCA in Dundee, where the fun continues in co-ordination with the Discovery Film Festival, who are hosting further screenings on Friday 22nd, Sunday 24th and Tuesday 26th. If you love anime, then you won’t want to miss out!

Scotland Loves Anime is organised by Scotland Loves Animation, a non-profit charity for the promotion of animation oop the Highlands. For more information and for details of their events, visit them here.

Eternal Twilight 4 (Convention Event): 22nd October 2010 – 24th October 2010.

But if saddle based drama or intriguing cinema from foreign lands isn’t your thing, perhaps you might want to check out Birmingham‘s Eternal Twilight 4, a three day unofficial convention to celebrating all things Twilight? No? C’mon, hear us out! Catering to fans of both the bestselling book series by author Stephenie Meyer and the ongoing film saga, the convention aims to bring together Twi-Hards from all across the world, giving them the chance to meet stars from films as well as enjoying various events.

There will be activities each day, varying from the usual guest talks and photograph sessions to quizzes and late night themed parties. And with appearances from Chaske “Sam Uley” Spencer, Bronson “Jared” Pelletier, Julia “Leah Clearwater” Jones and Leah “Nettie” Gibson (amongst others), who could resist?! Well, me, probably – but I’m not the target audience!

To impress the Twilight fan in your life (and we all know one), get them down the Birmingham NEC between the 22nd and 24th of October. To book your programmes, or read up on the schedule, click here.

Films on Foot Festival: 13th October 2010 – 28th October 2010

We’ve already enjoyed a bit of bike riding, so what about a spot of walking? No actual film screenings or celebrities involved in this one, but if you’re a London based film fan who enjoys a good stroll, then you could do worse than the Films on Foot Festival. A series of across-the-Capital rambles organised by a number of London based walking societies, the festival promises an opportunity to exercise, socialise and visit the filming locations of some of your favourite movies. There are East End gangster and Charlie Chaplin themed walks amongst many others – and with each trek ending in a pub where you can happily drink away your sore feet, what have you got to lose?

So there we have it!

Another month chock full of film related events, all delivered to your doorstep by your friendly pals at Best For Film. With several Halloween blogs also coming your way, we’d say that’s October pretty much sorted. Enjoy!

What UK film events will you be attending this October? Let us know below!

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