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  • Top 10 Actor-Directors

    Ben Affleck has become the latest Hollywood actor to split his attention between the front and the back of the camera, and has just scored the ultimate success in film by collected the Best Picture Oscar for Argo. So we at Best for Film decided to take a look at some of the most successful actor-directors down the years to see in whose multi-tasking footsteps he should be following. Here is BFF’s Top 10 Actor-Directors. Enjoy it, punks.

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors is an intensely weird, but visually stunning deconstruction of the art of acting, and of cinema in general. At least, we think that’s what it’s about. There are likely to be dozens of interpretations. Holy Motors is a unique and vivid experience; sure to be too weird, and too pretentious for some, nevertheless, Denis Levant’s astonishing lead performance is worth the experiment alone.

  • TGIM! Safar Arab Cinema Festival

    It’s Monday and it’s raining. It’s a fair bet you’re not going to be popping over to Kew Gardens anytime soon so why not take this opportunity to educate yourself on the undiscovered terrains of Arabic cinema? There will be discussions and screenings galore and a daring selection of Arabic film to cut your cinematic tooth on. Thank God it’s Monday!

  • Friday Drinking Game #56 – Slapstick!

    This Wednesday heralded the release of the long awaited Three Stooges movie. In honour of this disgustingly momentous occasion we invite you to join us all in a round of slapstick-themed drinks. So grab the nearest bottle of vodka, assemble your Farrelly Brothers and your Charlie Chaplins and hit someone in the head with a plank of wood. It’s time to get seriously brain damaged.

  • Friday Drinking Game #33 – Silent Films

    Secretly, we are all a teeny weeny bit Sedatephobic. That’s right; we fear silence. The awkward silence on a first date, the uncomfortably long pause after a joke bombs, the too-silent bedroom as you try to ‘lose yourself in the moment’, the creepy basement… it’s no good denying it. We want to fill silence. Which is why, when treating yourself to a spectacular silent film (in celebration of this week’s hottest release, The Artist), we strongly advise you drink heavily, to ease the tension…

  • Book review! Nightmare Movies: Horror On Screen Since The 1960s

    Nightmare Movies: Horror On Screen Since the 1960s is the third edition in what has come to be regarded as a “true classic of cult film criticism”. Published in 1985, the original Nightmare Movies was an essential guide to contemporary horror, and, twenty years later, the newest edition is just as indispensible for today’s discerning horror enthusiast.

  • Top 10 Best Character Meltdowns

    In real life as much as in film, the experience of watching someone spectacularly break down is as compelling as it is awkward. Our intrepid blogger Cal has scoured the length and breadth of YouTube to bring you some of the most painful, absurd and Nazi-themed character meltdowns in cinema, from Jim Carrey’s umbrella-behatted rant to Al Pacino’s bug-eyed “GREAT ASS!” moment.

  • Despicable Me 3D

    The heat is on to be the best gosh darn villain the world has ever seen. And when your competition is out nicking the Egyptian pyramids and other great wonders of the world, you know you’ve got to up your game. So Gru sorts himself out with the ultimate secret weapon in his grand master scheme; three orphan girls. And before you get the wrong idea, he doesn’t put them through an intensive training course and turn them into child soldiers, rather, he uses the power of cookie selling to get the ball a-rolling.

  • UK Film Events This October

    October is, of course, a time dominated by ghouls, zombies and good ol’ fashioned frightfulness. But with All Hallow’s Eve not falling until the last day of the month, what on Earth are you supposed to do until then? Well you can stop fearing death by boredom and leave your demise to the demons, because here at Best For Film we’ve leapt on the case and compiled some of our favourite film events happening this month. After all, if you’re going to get shocked by skeletons and mauled by monsters, you might as well have some fun first.