Brucie’s Back! Round II: Frankenstein

It’s enough to make us grin from ear to ear and dig out our massive prosthetic chins in celebration. The almighty Bruce Campbell – star of such epics as the Evil Dead trilogy, Bubba Ho-Tep and, um, Xena: Warrior Princess, is set to star in a sequel to his 2007 Indie cult classic My Name is Bruce, where the charismatic Campbell plays a warped version of himself.

The sequel, provisionally and charmingly titled My Name Is Still Bruce, will see Campbell come up against a new, dangerous nemesis… Frankenstein. Whether this means he’ll be battling the eponymous Doctor or the monster (and goddamnit, it still bugs us that those two get confused. Read the book, people) is yet to be released, but shucks, if it’s got Bruce Campbell in it we’d sell our own grannies for just a few minutes of basking in his almighty glory.

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