Conan teaser now online

For those who didn’t even know Arnie’s breakthrough role was getting a reboot – well, it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Conan The Barbarian; a big hit back in 1980s (not to mention back in the 1930s, when the stories concerning him were originally published), follows the excessively kill-y tales of Conan, an ancient warrior from the “Hyborian Age”. Some time after Atlantis, and sometime before any ancient civilizations, there was a big bruiser by the name of Conan. And he’s back.

So, who have we got instead of Arnie? Why Jason Momoa of course, of Stargate Atlantis and… erm… Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. And why are we pumping you full of all this fairly unimportant information? Because the trailer reveals absolutely nothing. It’s essentially a series of shadowy figures lurking in some smoke, a lot of homo-erotic sword swinging and even more homo-erotic guitar licks. Take a look –

Do we care about this? Not yet. Should we? Talk to us…

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