Disney Gets Ready For Prom

After the terrifying, world-domination-based success of the High School Musical trilogy, it’s only natural that the big dogs at Disney attempt a movie to fill the gaping gap in the tween market. And what have we learnt from High School Musical? Kids like High Schools. Kids like Dancing. Kids like other kids looking really fancy. Cue, Prom – a comedy tale that follows a group of kids getting ready for the like totally most awesomest night of their lives, with big dresses, glitter mascara and a lot of groovy moves.

According to Variety, this time around Disney is aiming for a John Hughes / Cameron Crowe-tone this time (delusions of grandeur much?), with the studio waiting for Katie Welch’s script before it decides whether to scout for total unknowns as the leads or splash a little more cash to hire name brand talent. Who knows, this time next year we could be staring at a brand new Zac Efron. Oh Lord. Imagine if there were two of him…

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