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  • The Cabin in the Woods

    When a synopsis involves a group of American college students setting off on a road trip to an empty forest cabin, instinct tells us that the story will probably be a familiar one. Whether it’s to cannibals, zombies, or unwelcoming spirits, these kids are going to bite it – one after the other – until there’s just one of them left (final death optional). But have you ever stopped to wonder why it has to be that way? Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have, and luckily for us, they’d like to share.

  • Go To Blazes

    Michael Truman’s Go to Blazes (1962) is celebrating its 50th anniversary! What could be a better way to celebrate than with an exclusive screening at the BFI Southbank? But, before you hit up the London Comedy Film Festival on January 29th, check out what we have to say about this glorious old-school flick…

  • Bodyguard

    There’s absolutely no way on Earth that someone can walk into a packed-out Bollywood movie and NOT enjoy what they’re seeing. There really, really isn’t. It doesn’t matter how wooden the acting, how impossible the storyline or how irritating the music, these movies just have a certain quality that completely pull you in…

  • Top 10 female roles in comedy history

    The release of Bridesmaids has this week found itself hailed as that rare thing – a female-led comedy. Women are frequently relegated to a supporting role, especially so in comedy, often reduced to simply acting as a foil or counterpart to the male lead. It’s important to remember then, that the ladies can bring the funny. We celebrate the comedy roles that only come double-breasted, as well as the women sporting them so fabulously.

  • Norwegian Ninja

    You’d never expect action comedy Norwegian Ninja to live up to the glorious premise of its supercheese title. And yet this absurdist masterpiece from the producers of Dead Snow really does. Full of Norwegians, ninja and so, so much more…

  • Passenger Side

    A strangely beguiling mixture of character piece and road movie and that never leaves the city, Passenger Side is a warm and surprisingly poignant low-fi gem. A slew of cameos prop up two outstanding lead performances as director Matt Bissonnette announces himself as one to watch.

  • A Little Bit Of Heaven

    Someone once said ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Well the old rom-com formula isn’t really broke, but this film tried to fix it anyway, by inserting a huge lump of cancer into the plot. Romance, laughs, dates and cancer- oh dear, who honestly thought this formula was ever going to work?

  • Leaves of Grass

    Edward Norton continues his string of underwhelming films that threatens to undermine the legacy of perhaps the finest American actor of the 90s. Writer-director Tim Blake Nelson apes the Coens with this tale of quirky criminals, but can’t match the Brothers Grim for inventiveness and assurance.

  • The Dilemma

    A comedy about two couples, one huge business meeting, a three day deadline and a cheating spouse. Throw in two of the heavyweights (literally) of the comedy field in Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, and a couple of sexy WAGS in Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder and you should be on to a winner. Sadly for all involved, this is not the case.