First full trailer for Looper hits the web

It’s only been a few days since we got a teaser for a teasey tease trailer teaser for sci-fi action flick Looper, but hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. Tis a full length trailer for ye, and DAMN it looks rather splendid. Brucey Willis back, Joseph Gordon Levitt doing his best “oh the things I’ve seen” voice, good old Emily Blunt with serious hair and a concept that is actually genuinely interesting – WHAT a Friday this is!

Take a look, we’ll have a chat.

We’re as excited as we were when we first saw the trailer for In Time – and JUST as ready to be cripplingly disappointed. Generally speaking though, JGL is one actor who chooses his roles carefully (which is more than can be said for Bruce ‘Red‘ Willis, bless him), and it’s not often you see Emily Blunt in rubbish either. A world where assassins are forced to kill targets sent back from the future, and a hunt to kill a future self – we have to admit we’re intrigued. Writer/director Rian Johnson doesn’t have a lot of credits to his name, but heck that isn’t necessarily a bad thing (right, The Farrelly Brothers?) so we’re more than willing to keep our minds open and our pants moist.

Looper opens in the UK in September. Unless it returns from the future to show itself before then?

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