Toy Story 3: Initial Reviews

I think it’s fair to say that if Toy Story 3 isn’t absolutely brilliant the world will rise up into anarchy. No pressure guys, but seriously, the future of Hollywood depends on you.

Helpfully, initial responses seem to be overwhelmingly positive (but we’re still trying not to get too excited after being burned by Alice). Jim Hill, serial reporter of all things Disney, has posted an article having been present at the initial screening, and stated

“I sat in that hall today surrounded by hardened industry professionals. Exhibitors who care more about how much popcorn & soda they’re selling than the movies they’re currently showing at their multiplexes. And these jaded theater owners – as Toy Story 3 entered the home stretch – were openly weeping. Tears streaming down hundreds of faces as the ultimate fate of Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the whole Andy’s Room gang was decided.

So. That’s pretty good then? You can see the whole article here, but its safe to say our anticipation grows ever greater. And that’s not always a good thing…

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