Former pastor Ted Haggard to play cameo in The Waiting Game

Former pastor Ted Haggard is to make a cameo appearance in pro-abstinence Christian comedy The Waiting Game. The movie (seemingly a knock-off of 40-year old Virgin) follows Jack who is on the verge of bursting at the seams with the excitement of losing his virginity on his wedding night. That is until his fiancée leaves him at the altar. Queue follow up dates with crazy Christians and constant questioning of his wish to save himself.

Ted Haggard’s decision to do a cameo in this sort of a movie is odd but commendable. In 2006 he resigned in disgrace from his post in New Life Church after it came out that he had indulged in a drug fuelled sexual relationship with a male escort (who doesn’t do this at the weekend?!). He has recently come out as bi-sexual; a lesser man would cower away from the limelight after revelations like that but not Ted Haggard!

Emilio Martinez and Rich Praytor, the developers of this project, are looking to raise $2 million in order to start filing in Colorado Springs on 1st September 2011.

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