Hugh Hefner saves Hollywood

Good Lord, we have so much to learn from this man. Playboy tycoon and serial robe-wearer Hugh Hefner has saved the iconic Hollywood sign from property developers by donating $800,000 to the cause.

The sign was in serious danger of being ploughed over by greedy housing developers, desperate to invest in the surrounding area. After a cry for help was put out, our main man Hugh took up the mantle and coughed up the serious dough needed to save the nine white letters from destruction. What a man.

We can’t imagine a time when those nine, shiny white letters don’t sit atop that LA hill, telling all who pass her that you’re entering a land of sex, drugs, money and violence. It’s a beautiful image. Other celebs who have donated to the Hollywood sign in the past have included Alice Cooper and Andy Williams, though no one has ever put up the kind of cash Hugh has.

$800,000 – is it worth it? Let us know you thoughts below…

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