John Singleton returns to Tupac biopic

John Singleton, once the most authentic voice of black youth in Hollywood and now just a crushing disaster, is returning to the Tupac Shakur biopic he abandoned two years ago in pursuit of his dream to be so awful that he actually makes white Americans MORE racist.

Singleton, who became both the youngest person AND the first African-American ever to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Director when he was just 24, has never matched the critical success of his debut picture Boyz n the Hood. In recent years, his films have included 2 Fast 2 Furious, Four Brothers and of course Abduction, the film so bad that our review contained a whole paragraph about how star Taylor Lautner should do adverts for abortion.

After Singleton bailed on the untitled, uncast Tupac biopic, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua was briefly attached before running for the hills. He’s since gone on to make Olympus Has Fallen, suggesting that Pac may genuinely be cursing directors who neglect him from beyond the grave.

Anyway, Singleton is now officially signed on to direct, rewrite and produce the film. It can’t possibly be worse than Abduction, and with a following wind it might be better than Notorious. We’re firmly on the fence on this one.

Do you think John Singleton has one more good film in him? Let us know below!

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