Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumoured for Doctor Strange

It’s a while since we heard anything about the plans to bring intergalactic neuroscientist wizard Doctor Strange into the Marvel cinematic universe, but with the inevitable ‘third phase’ of said universe just a couple of years away rumours are already flying as to the plans for a post-Avengers 2 world. And the latest, maddest rumour is that cute little Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be stepping up to play the Sorcerer Supreme. Really, guys?

JGL has a first-class nerd pedigree what with his appearances in The Dark Knight Rises and Looper, but today’s news that he could be in talks for the role of Doctor Strange seem to be pushing the boundaries of credulity. We’re all for innovative casting, but does Joe really have the cojones to resurrect the dead, reverse time and “merg[e] with universal concepts”? We’d rather see someone a little older tackle the role – not Jeff Bridges old, maybe just Robert Downey Jr. old. Except not him, obviously. But what about Ethan Hawke? Jason Isaacs? Clive Owen, for heaven’s sake? He’s not done a good film for bloody years, he must be overdue for something good.

Having said that, it’d be nice to see an actor make the jump from DC to Marvel (as they all will eventually, obv), not least because it would make any sort of dual-studio crossover a canonical impossibility, which is a relief. Sooner or later someone’s going to realise how popular Batman vs Spiderman LEGO sets would be, so we have to plan ahead for these things…

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