Legendary damns Paradise Lost to Hollywood hell

Paradise Lost, Alex Proyas’ effects-heavy take on John Milton’s classic poem, has been shut down by backers Legendary Pictures after its budget spiralled out of control.

Bradley Cooper was set to star as Lucifer in the epic story of the Morning Star‘s disastrous revolt against God and his loyal angels, which had already faced one postponement.

However, in a hideously prosaic turn of events the $120m-plus budget (plus Legendary’s sudden realisation that you don’t just pick up Avatar-style shots of millions of angels warring in heaven from Poundland) proved too much of a challenge for Paradise Lost’s miserly financiers. Woe unto you and onto your families, even unto the seventh generation, tight-fisted tax collectors – know ye not that the love of money is the root of all evil?

Other actors facing a demonic credit card bill next month as they realise they’ve already spent the salaries they won’t actually get include Casey Affleck and Rufus Sewell.

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