Monsters inc part 2

Just when you thought it was safe to open your closet door…

Rumours have been zipping back and forth for a while now, but we can officially confirm that Pixar are currently working on Monster Inc 2. We’ve got mixed feelings about this news, as messing with a glorious original like Monsters Inc is always going to be playing with fire, but at the same time, this is Pixar. Generally speaking, these guys don’t do messing up.

So word is that its set for a November 2012 release, meaning Dis/Pix have got a good amount of time to make the sequel just as brilliant as the original. No news on whether the original cast are back on board, but surely there can’t be a trip back to Monstropolis without Sully and Mike?

Monster-iffic news, or a scary thought? Let us know what you think about Monsters Inc 2

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