New Cowboys and Aliens trailer hits

With the release date clip-clopping ever nearer (12th August to y’all who aint got the smarts), it makes sense for team Cowboys and Aliens to heat up their marketing campaign. Another full length trailer has hit, and it’s full of shootin’, tootin’, kabootin and Olivia Wilde being all naked. Yep, we’re pretty much happy.

For those who aren’t aware of the premise (and who don’t understand how titles work), Cowboys And Aliens centres on a gentle town in the Old West that is suddenly plagued with them pesky out of towners. Sorry, not towners, planeters. Daniel Craig stars as a badly behaved cowboy made to join forces with the law in order to fight the extra-terrestrial bandits. You don’t really need to know any of that though. All you need to know is that Harrison Ford is back, and he’s on a horse. GO.

Considering the comedy potential of this premise,we’re a little surprised at the lack of tongue-in-cheek jokes, especially considering that witty quips generally follow Craig and Ford around wherever they go. But heck, maybe there aint no time fer jokin when the blacksmith is on fire…

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