New poster for Disney’s John Carter

We should probably start caring about Disney’s apparently long-awaited adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars (from which they’ve inexplicably excised the ‘of Mars’, which is TOTES the best bit), and today’s the day. So far, we’ve learnt this: Mars is red. Which we sort of knew before. NICE ONE, JOHN CARTER.

Anyway, this is the new poster – click it to embiggen, if you want:

What? What d’you want from us? There’s nothing to be said about this poster at all, other than the Martians are cheap Na’vi knock-offs and the stylised ‘JCM’ thing is quite cool. Otherwise: meh. A big spoonful of meh for you, this Tuesday afternoon.

Can you be enticed to give a shit about John Carter? Teach us your secret!

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