New trailer for Pixar’s Brave

It’s been a goodly while since we saw the first trailer for Pixar’s Brave, and it’s good to see that the studio isn’t keen on inundating us with marketing gumph (not that we’re pointing fingers, Marvel Avengers Assemble). Still, we’re not the types to turn up our noses at premium Pixar vol-au-vents, so let us chomp away at the latest delicate offering.

Now, when last we met, we were a little worried that Brave was veering on the side of traditional fairytale rather than doing the Pixar thing of finding wonderful stories in unexpected worlds, but heck, they’ve never steered us wrong before, right? (we do not talk of Cars 2). Anyway, the new trailer helps flesh out the premise a little more, and shows protagonist Merida getting all Robin Hood (Katniss Everdeen?) on some Scottish business:

Nice to see a bit more of Merida’s parents (played by Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson), as well as the luxuriously quaffed lass herself (Kelly McDonald), though the sudden shift from brawling humour to LILTING GAELIC LOVELINESS feels a little jarring. The fact that it focusses on Merida’s archery prowess (and specifically a scene that seems to take a lot of inspiration from the tournament sequence in Disney’s Robin Hood) shows that they’re keen to stress the whole “oh gosh look, a girl doing a thing that girls don’t do” – that’s fine and all, but isn’t it a little bit done?

Anyway, let’s not get all bastardy about it, we all love Pixar and this will almost definitely be great and stuff. Cool.

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