“New” Wes Craven film trailer online

A sleepy rural village, inexplicable teenage deaths and some spooky link to a serial killer long dead – get ready for Wes Craven’s latest horror! What’s that? That’s the exact plot of Nightmare On Elm Street, also by Wes Craven? Oh stop being such a kill-joy! My Soul To Take breaks new ground for many reasons… erm… it’s in 3D?

Meet Cocky Bunch Of Teenagers, who meet one fateful night to celebrate the 16 year death-iversary of a local serial killer. The strange thing? Seven of said teens were born the night he died. Coincidence? Not if we’ve watched flimsy pop-slashers before! One by one, these bright eyed young things are getting picked off by a mysterious and evil force – could it be that the long dead Freddy Kreuger – er, we mean – Riverton Ripper is getting his own back from beyond the grave?

The trailer is laughably serious, but Wes is at least the king of disposable teen slashing, so it can’t be all bad. We’re not writing this one off yet… but it’s pretty close. See what you reckon below…

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