New X-Men posters now online

A couple of weeks ago we were hit with the first X-Men:First Class trailer, and we have to say we were pretty impressed; Magneto picked up a Submarine with his super-muscley THOUGHTS, Nicholas Holt got all blue, everyone was significantly more beautiful than they should have been – it was excellent. Well, X-fans, we’ve got more good news for you. POSTERS HAVE HAPPENED. And they’re grammatically incorrect.

The two newest additions to the X-Men marketing enterprise are posters of young Charles and Erik looking all forebodey and serious as their future selves look back at them from some future-water. Or something. Look!

They’re basically exactly what we’ve come to expect from the X-Men franchise: overly dramatic, brightly coloured and damn exciting. We can even forgive the punctuation free tag-line. Just.

What do you make of them? Thoughts below, people…

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