Rihanna to star in Battleships: The Movie

We’re not totally sure we can get our heads around this, so bear with us. R&B princess Rihanna has announced that she will be staring in an adaptation of the board game Battleships, opposite Alexander Skarsgaard of True Blood. And you think that’s weird enough? You aint heard nothing yet…

Taylor Kitch (of Wolverine fame) stars as a plucky naval officer chosen to lead his team into battle when a group of (apparently sea-based) aliens attack Earth. Err, what? According to Variety the plot will be explored from both human and non-human perspective – does this mean either Alexander or Rihanna (perhaps both?) will be taking on alien roles? Nothing’s been confirmed on that front, but we can’t help but think Rihanna might suit gills. And perhaps a snout. And hey, if she is on an alien ship rather than struggling with our dangerous open oceans, at least she won’t need her umberella…ella…ella.
Anyone? Is this thing on?

Nothing else has been confirmed in terms of plot or casting, but believe us, when we know, you’ll know.

Already bored of this board game? Or can’t wait to see how it plays out? Let us know!

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