Sigourney Weaver will return for Avatar 2

Remember at the end of Avatar, just after you’d had a refreshing two-hour nap and woken up to find out that it was still all just cartoons? We there? Cool. Right, d’you remember how Sigourney Weaver’s chain-smoking botanist character died? Like, definitely died? The blue catmonkey smurfs couldn’t move her consciousness into her catmonkey smurf puppet before she succumbed to her Stephen Lang-induced gunshot wounds, which was really moving and important because then when the selfsame hippy magic trick worked on Sam Worthington we were all, like, ‘wow!’.

Well, she’ll be back in the sequel. Obviously. Weaver told ComingSoon that according to writer/director James Cameron, “no one ever dies in science fiction” and that Dr Grace Augustine would somehow be returning to Pandora for Avatar 2, due out absolutely no earlier (and probably a bit later) than 2014. No word yet on whether she’ll be appearing in Avatar 3, which will be shot back to back with the sequel; Cameron promised that he’d make Avatar into a trilogy if its box office receipts reached $1bn, although the film eventually rocketed past that modest target to rake in $2.7bn and the title of highest-grossing movie ever. We hope all that money will be enough to stop the next one being so boring…

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