Spidey 4 Villains Take Flight

Looks like the villains for the hotly anticipated Spider-Man 4 have managed to leak online. Movieline has reported that we’re to be treated to a feathered duo knocking heads with the webslinger sometime in 2011. Since the end of the disappointingly messy Spider-Man 3, rumours have been flying about concerning which of his menagerie of villains would be popping up next.

Hot favourites included The Lizard (whose alter-ego Curt Conners has appeared in all three films, played by Dylan Baker), a return of Doc Ock (which we’d love, we have to admit), Black Cat, and even Elektro. Turn out the actual villains come right out of leftfield – the latest gossip seems to indicate we’ll be meeting The Vulture, played by John Malkovich, and a new character called The Vultress (wait, what?) played by Anne Hathaway.

Ignoring – with some difficulty, it has to be said – the enticing prospect of Anne Hathaway dressed up as Black Cat, the name “Vultress” is a bit naff, at best. Hathaway’s character, however, is apparently named Felicity Hardy… which also happens to be the Black Cat’s alter-ego, so we’re still hopeful. The Vulture is a bit more interesting – flying the flag for OAP supervillains, he’s an elderly, balding man with a supersuit that gives him enhances strength and the power of flight. As far as we’re concerned, Malkovich is perfectly cast here. He’ll be joining all the old regulars including Tobey MacGuire, Kirsten Dunst, J.K. Simmons and director Sam Raimi.

One thing though, Sam – any chance of a film with the Sinister Six now?

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