Tobey Swaps Spidey For.. Erm… Chess

Woah there Mr Maguire, things are getting a little too crazy for our liking…

Tobey has announced today that his next big role will be rather a departure from the superhero franchise that made him famous. Instead, he will be exploring the live-fast-die-young world of chess.

He’s in talks to star in Pawn Sacrifice as Bobby Fischer, a legendary chess player who faced off with a Russian champ in 1972, in a game that echoed the tensions of the Cold War. Well, sure, subtle undercurrents of polital unrest are fine and everything, but where are the massive exploding buildings and large metal monsters?

It’ll be interesting to see the Tobe-ster stretch himself acting wise, and see whether screenwriter Steven Knight can hold our chess-lovin’ attention for the length of a film. By the end, will we leave thinking they’ve made a rooky mistake, or will we be pawns in their hands? ha. ha ha. Oh the joys of chess.

Are you excited to see Tobey in all his de-masked glory? Think you can do better on the chess-pun front? Make your move!

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