Wolverine Leak Suspect Charged

In what may turn out to be a groundbreaking case surrounding internet movie piracy, Gilberto Sanchez (aka “SkillFulGil”, possibly the worst villainous pseudonym since Rainbow Rider) has been charged with uploading a workprint of Wolverine to Megaupload in March of this year.

47-year old Sanchez, who lives in the Bronx, NY, was arrested on Monday. He may face up to three years in prison and a fine of $250,000 – perhaps more, if 20th Century Fox can prove that the online leak cost them more than that amount in lost revenue. Sanchez, however, claims that he bought it on the street for $5 – a not all that unlikely story, especially when you consider how likely it is that a 47-year old from the NY stix got his hands on the print in the first place.

Still, at least 20th Century Fox has a point on the lost revenue – because of the leak, most people will have realised pretty early that Wolverine sucked more than a nuclear-powered Dyson and wasn’t worth the price of admission.

What do you reckon? Just punishment or 20th Century Fox picking on the little guy for fear of exposing a leak in-house? Leave us your comments below!

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