Confessions of a Shopaholic

We want the record to show that we are not averse to the gentle rom-com. Far from it.

‘He Will End Up In Love With You’ starring ‘Accessible Girl who Falls Over a Bit’ and ‘Clean-Shaven Fellow with the Soul of a Hero’ – words like these strike a chord within us all. A sort of two note twangy non-chord, but a chord nevertheless. You can’t hate them. They are useless but friendly, like a deaf spaniel. This film however, makes a mockery of an already supremely mockable genre.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is a terrible film based on an already pretty terrible book of the same name. The premise: (ha, even calling it a ‘premise’ seems overly grand and rather offensive, like giving a glass of champagne to a 3 year old) Cosmo-girl New York writer Rebecca (Isla Fisher) just loves fashion, flirting and having fun fun fun. But she finds herself in hot water when she ends up at the wrong job interview. Instead of writing about hair conditioner, kittens’ faces and lovely cushions, she suddenly finds herself a writer for a financial advice magazine, headed up by sexy man Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy). The twist- hold on to your pants- is that she loves shopping!! And is in loads of debt herself!!! OMG!! How, like, ironic, right? What’s she going to do??

There’s no point in keeping the ending a secret, because you know it. Whatever you think it is right now, that’s it. Well done.

Believable characters, well-crafted humour or even just harmless fun- sadly, you won’t find them here. The story is laughable, the main characters insipid, predictable and annoying. We came to this film expecting it to be waste of time and we were still utterly underwhelmed. Films like The Devil Wears Prada, Sex And The City and Legally Blonde gave this gentle genre style, sass, and a sense of humour. At best, this film gave it a stiletto-d kick in the teeth.

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