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  • Top 5 places we’d rather stay than Sochi

    The world’s press has descended upon Sochi, home of this year’s Winter Olympics, to discover that you really shouldn’t let former KGB agents with latent sexuality issues to design an international sports centre. Twitter is rife with stories of missing floors, broken doors and filthy water in the official press hotels; although we obviously have zero interest in sports journalism, here are some Hollywood hostelries that, on balance, we’d rather frequent.

  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman

    Mr Peabody (Ty Burrell) — time-travelling hero, genius inventor, talking dog — is also the adoptive father of a human boy called Sherman (Max Charles). It’s an unconventional relationship to say the least, and when Sherman bites a classmate during a confrontation on his first day at school social services waste no time in calling…

  • Woody Allen link roundup – we examine the media response

    It’s quite hard to know what to say about the Woody Allen fiasco, other than it’s disturbing on every level. Whether you start with much-beloved-director-allegedly-abused-his-children, or people-we-formerly-respected-leap-to-alleged-rapist’s-defence, that’s a hard one to parse, and brings up some things we’d usually rather not think about.

  • Jack Murray

    Jack Murray

    I’m Jack. I write about film, television, football and clothes and I’m quite good at 5-a-side. At parties I change the topic of any conversation I’m involved in so that I can perform my 8/10 Woody Allen impression to strangers. Recently, I’ve noticed a distinct decline in the amount of parties I’m invited to.

  • Top 10 coats in film

    In the land of television it’s almost universally agreed that Benedict Cumberbatch has the coat competition sewn up with his oft-swished Belstaff now widely regarded as being as essential to the show as Watson being miffed or the presence of mild, modern intrigue. Film, however, has a more competitive battle going on and as evidenced here it’s one that spans genre and era and sees everyone from murderers and romancers to cartoons and children fighting it out. In a bid to find out the best coat in film history we’ve rounded up our ten favourites, concluding with the coat that Sherlock wishes he had.