New Amazing Spider-Man trailer fleshes out Electro

Ever since we realised that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would be going down the dangerous triple-villain format made notorious by Spider-Man 3, we’ve been edgy. Would Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin, Paul Giamatti’s Rhino and Jamie Foxx’s Electro really be able to share a screen without the whole film feeling overfull and underdeveloped? It’s too early to say, but for the first time we’ve got a decent look at the backstory of one of Spidey’s new foes.

In this clip, which apparently debuted a couple of days ago at the Superbowl (we’re not willing to sit through a game of kiddies’ rugby just to look at a few trailer and laugh at Bruno Mars for being short, so sue us), Marc Webb offers a glimpse of Max Dillon (Foxx), the mild-mannered janitor who Peter Parker inspires to become first super, and then a villain. Take a peek:

Fun, isn’t it? SpideyWe can’t help feeling that Electro is a bit overpowered – if he can shut down half the city like that, he could probably just electrocute Spider-Man and save Rhino the bother of justifying his stupid outfit – but the brilliant and relentlessly bankable Foxx looks to be on superb form. In fact, the more we watch that clip the more we’re fretting about what’s going to have to happen to Max – his powers are too huge to be recyclable in a sequel the way that the Green Goblin’s probably will be, but who could bear to kill off such a tortured soul? This is what happens when you spend years writing about comic book movies, you get overinvested.

Oh, before we forget – that wasn’t the only Spiderbowl clip. Here’s the other one. It’s got a lot of the same stuff, but a few fun new things (including the stupid Goblin hoverboard! Yay!).

All things considered, you are SORTED for Spider-Man goodness for at least the next week. Go forth.

What do you make of Foxx’s Electro? Let us know below!

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