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  • Bodyguard

    There’s absolutely no way on Earth that someone can walk into a packed-out Bollywood movie and NOT enjoy what they’re seeing. There really, really isn’t. It doesn’t matter how wooden the acting, how impossible the storyline or how irritating the music, these movies just have a certain quality that completely pull you in…

  • Why wheelchair-users are being let down at the silver-screen

    Substandard treatment at the silver-screen for wheelchair-users is an archaic notion that still affects many cinema-goers in 2011. The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazers, a group of disabled young people campaigning on social issues, have launched their findings on a report into cinema access for wheel-chair users, with appallingly disappointing results.

  • Halloween Film Events 2010. Get them before they get you. And they will.

    Here at Best For Film, we want you to be prepared. Halloween comes but once a year, creeping up on you whilst you are distracted by the changing weather and the slow realisation that it’s not acceptable to wander around in your bikini because SUMMER IS OVER. And we would hate for you to miss out on super cool Halloween things due to a lack of preparation. So here it is, champs; a list of Halloween film events for you and me and all to share.

  • No frills film? Or a 3D, widescreen, snacks-a-plenty cinema experience?

    There’s no doubt about it; cinema ain’t what it used to be. What with new and improved seating, 3D films assaulting your retinas and more snacks then you can shake your expanding belly at, going to the flicks has become somewhat different to that of our forefathers. So who’s for an extra-crispy, oven-roasted, honey-glazed, menagerie of cinema with extra sprinkles, all topped with a quails egg?

  • Chinese lawyer sues cinema for adverts

    It’s one of those things we accept as just another kick to the groin of our lives; if you’re going to the cinema, you have to put up with the adverts. These days cinemas show up to 20 minutes of ads before the feature presentation, and we’ve all learnt to grin and bear it. But one woman has decided that enough is enough

  • Metallica gig in cinemas

    Hey, if opera can do it, why can’t heavy metal? Following the massive success of live stream performances from institutions like the Royal Opera House, Metallica have decided that their next gig will be broadcast live in cinemas across the globe.

  • Independent Cinemas Unite

    It’s time we had a re-think about the cinemas we visit. There’s never been a better time to support our local independent cinemas, and start hitting the corporate big dogs with bats made of pure not-going-to-see-them. We want you to tell us about your local independent screens – let the revolution commence!