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  • Friday Drinking Game #29 – Twilight

    It’s Twilight biatchessssss! Go grab your favourite girlfriends, a jumbo bag of Maltesers (only 11 calories each!) and twelve thousand bottles of cherry Lambrini because it is time to partaaayyyyyyy! Oh and bring your gun. You should maybe bring a gun as well.

  • Friday Drinking Game #28 – Classical Epics

    Immortals is out, and that’s as good a reason as any to get so drunk that you start calling your wedding tackle ‘Poseidon’ and telling it you’ll sacrifice a white bull to it just as soon as one trots out of the sea. Make sure you don’t substitute another bull, though, or your testicles might turn into a MInotaur. Or something. Can you tell that we’ve already started drinking?

  • Friday Drinking Game #26 – Slasher films

    It’s nearly Hallowe’en, and that means three things – today is Kayleigh‘s birthday (yay!), the horror DVDs are about to come out and everyone needs to get outrageously trolleyed. So with at least two of those considerations in mind, we present our slasher film drinking game. Watch out for that precariously balanced knife…

  • Friday Drinking Game #25 – Swashbuckling Films

    Ever since we watched the new Three Musketeers film we’ve wanted to drink ourselves to death. That’s not a sensation that’s likely to go away, but if there’s one thing that might fix it it’s a massive injection of quality swashbuckling. Drink along with us, and if you don’t shift the despair at least you can hasten that coma!

  • Friday Drinking Game #24 – The Lion King

    Ah, Friday. Had a long week of being a grown-up and slogging your guts out at the office, wearing varying shades of grey or black and pretending to be happy about it? We pity you, we really do, which is why we’ve given you this alcoholic return to childhood with the vastly inappropriate Lion King drinking game. Let me hear you ROAR!

  • Friday Drinking Game #23 -James Bond

    It’s Friday, the weather is sultry and there’s a possible new Bond girl lounging around in France somewhere, which can only mean one thing.
    Time to party like 007! So grab a Martini, or get Moneypenny to fetch you one, and immerse yourself in a world of violence, alcoholism and sex. Stag nights ain’t got NOTHING on JB!

  • Friday Drinking Game #21 – Sarah Jessica Parker

    Did you think that you had plans for your Friday night? Were you heading out on the razzle with your hip older friends, or dressing up in stockings and suspenders (sort of) against your will, or jumping on a long-distance train journey to somewhere sinister sounding and rainy? Screw that; it’s FRIDAY DRINKING GAME! Today, to mark the release of How Does She Do It, we’ve gone Sarah Jessica Parker crazy; grab your Cosmopolitans, leave your horse comparisons at home and get ready to overload on oestrogen!