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  • Life as a low-budget indie director

    If you were at our last Best For Film Presents… film night, then you’re already familiar with the prolific and charming writer-director Aaron Weight. If you’re not, here’s your chance! In this exclusive glimpse into the life of an indie filmmaker, Aaron takes us through his creative process from notebook to premiere.

  • Are multiplex cinemas better than indie cinemas?

    Where’s better to spend your hard earned English pounds to watch a film of an evening? A large commercial cinema with a gargantuan screen, copious amounts of food and customers who can’t put their phones away for a single second; or a smaller independent cinema that boasts a serious love for film and occasionally provides free tea because the heating’s knackered? This BFF writer leaps into a very important debate on the matter- WITH HERSELF.

  • Why wheelchair-users are being let down at the silver-screen

    Substandard treatment at the silver-screen for wheelchair-users is an archaic notion that still affects many cinema-goers in 2011. The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazers, a group of disabled young people campaigning on social issues, have launched their findings on a report into cinema access for wheel-chair users, with appallingly disappointing results.

  • The Auteur Is Dead, Long Live The…

    Veteran film-maker Jean-Luc Godard recently lamented the state of modern cinema whilst promoting his new film Film Socialisme. I take a look at his comments within the context of some of the independent cinema flourishing today and ask whether film is indeed over, and what to make of the term “auteur” in the current cinematic climate.

  • Interview with JIG director Sue Bourne

    Best For Film Towers loves Jig, a mesmerising peek into the vivid and hugely disciplined world of the Irish Dance World Championship. Sue Bourne lets us into a world so secret you need to creep through a cupboard full of fur coats till you hit the lamppost in the back to gain entry to it.

  • Ink

    Hats off to the ambitious Ink team for creating a gloriously immersive fantasy world on a micro-budget: no mean feat for even the most skilled of film-makers. Definitely at the upper end of the indie-spectrum, there is much originality and innovation to admire this surreal tale of one man’s redemption. It’s just a shame the dialogue never quite reaches the same heights as the rest of the production values.

  • Save our Independent Cinemas! This week: the Rich Mix

    For those that are tired of lining the pockets of faceless, charmless McCinemas, and perhaps would like to watch a movie with other film-lovers – as opposed to throngs of yammering, popcorn-chucking oiks – then an independent cinema is the option you need to be poking your nose into. The UK has a proud history of these fine establishments, but they’re under threat from the evil corporate monsters that shall not be named. This week we look at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch.