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  • Top 10 Heckle-Worthy Films

    So you’re drunk. You had one too many at Pizza Express or wherever, and now you’re in the cinema, and you are drunk. And you have FEELINGS. About this film. That you are watching. You may or may not swear at the screen, but whatever you say (you don’t remember in the morning) it is loud. You are swiftly removed from the cinema, and never permitted to return. Dark times. Enter Movie Interruption Screenings.

  • One for the Money

    If film titles were a true reflection of their content, Katherine Heigl’s latest mawkish, reductive and ceaselessly boring ‘comedy-thriller’ wouldn’t be called One For The Money. It would be called Yet Another One For The Money, And Also It’s Cool To Be Utterly Incompetent At Everything As Long As Someone Tells You You’ve Got Nice Tits. Tricky to fit that on the posters though, I suppose, considering how much room has to be left for her nice tits.