Articles Posted in the " Michelle Williams " Category

  • Meek’s Cutoff

    From Wendy and Lucy director Kelly Reichardt comes a stripped down, neorealist anti-Western with plans to change our fundamentally childish conceptions of the gun-totin’, Injun-lynchin’ Old West. I miss my comfy stereotypes.

  • Blue Valentine

    Excellent performances from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams carry Derek Cianfrance’s romantic drama Blue Valentine; an intense and saddening portrayal of a couple’s courtship told in conjunction with scenes of their marriage’s potential breakdown. If only some time had been spared to show us what happened in between…

  • Mammoth

    From the mind of one time prodigy Lukas Moodysson (Together, Show Me Love), Mammoth tells a Babel-esque story of two families as they co-exist on two sides of the planet. Unlike Babel, it does so brain-numbingly badly.