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  • Blockbuster – a BFF eulogy

    Love it or loathe it – Blockbuster Video will soon close its last 91 stores. Before Netflix, Lovefilm and illegal downloading a Blockbuster video store was our favourite way to exploit spotty teenage boys with a Nazi complex (“You WILL return that film in two days – or you’re banned for life!”) Not a visit went by without us accidentally buying nine tubs of over-priced German-sounding ice cream, some tooth-rotting popcorn and an old MasterSystem game we didn’t need for £3.99.

  • Kill Your Darlings

    Kill Your Darlings is about Allen Ginsberg. Don’t be put off if you’re bored by films about him! Furore around the picture relates to Daniel Radcliffe’s performance and a brief interlude of gay sex. Yes, Ginsberg is renowned for being gay – so what? To write this film off as simply a coming-out-romance would do…

  • How Papadopoulos & Sons became part of my story

    Since leaving Best For Film Towers in search of a third reel and a high-stakes finale, Sarah Louise Dean has stumbled headfirst into the world of independent filmmaking. After more than a year’s absence, she’s back onsite to tell us all about her new and improved life working on Papadopoulos & Sons, an upcoming comedy drama that’s in cinemas next week. Take it away!

  • Interview! We talk to director Luke Snellin

    Virgin Media Shorts is the UK’s biggest short film competition, giving both established and emerging British film makers the opportunity to have their work showcased to millions on cinema screens nationwide, on Virgin Media’s TV on demand platform, on mobile and online. We meet film-maker Luke Snellin, whose film Charlie opened this years competition, to get the low-down on love, death and putting on his DJ voice to impress the chicks.

  • Prom

    Thought you would never have to go to Prom again? Think again. A few good gags aside, Prom stole every high school movie cliché and mashed it into a dull Disney disaster. It’s a case of been there, done that and bought the infinitely superior cravat.

  • 10 best things about Movie Weddings

    With Bridesmaids soon upon us and the furore over the long-awaited wedding scenes in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 about to reach fever pitch, we can’t avoid the thorny subject of movie marriage. So instead of beating brides and grooms (with a large stick), let’s join them and celebrate the 10 best things about movie weddings. All together now ahhhhh (puke).

  • What is Super 8 about?

    Ah J J Abrams how we love you, with your geek-chic glasses, brilliant mind and ability to confuse the hell out of us with your clever sci-fi films. Here is the Best for Film guide to the soon to be released Super 8. Prepare to be more confounded than ever before. What is Super 8 about?